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    Lift questions for a 2002 gmc sierra.

    I have a 1500 long bed. Thinking a bout a lift. I'm not looking for anything crazy. Was pondering a 2inch body lift in conjunction with 2 inch suspension lift. Thoughts?
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    thought this was worth sharing this looks like fun
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    ICOM I'd 51a plus?

    Looking for someone that could me become familiar with d-star operation on this ht. I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Lol. I know I'm missing something the manual just assumes I know and don't. Or I may be not clear on. Sent from my QMV7A using Tapatalk
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    1982 land Rover defender series 3

    On Craigslist Land Rover Series 3 Defende 1982 Land Rover defender series 3 VIN: SALLBAAG1AA166447 condition: excellent cylinders: 4 cylinders drive: 4wd fuel: diesel odometer: 54750 paint color: red size: mid-size title status: clean...
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    Hf only pretty cool I tried post once it didn't seem to take. Sent from my QMV7A using Tapatalk
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    Stumbled on this thought I'd share For hf only Sent from my QMV7A using Tapatalk
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    Ok all you antenna craftsmen, got a question.

    I was watching a video on a bazooka antenna. I had a thought pop into my sick mind. This guy made portable mast which housed a uhf bazooka. I know people make a double bazooka style dipole. But I was wondering could I create a pvc mast which housed one Vhf and one uhf in the same mast. Using...
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    416 trailer on craigslist

    Two man rtt looks nice. Not mine Sent from my QMV7A using Tapatalk
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    What's the most common tire / wheel size on the vans.

    OK so my question is you preferred tire size to run on you 4x4 vans. Now know not looking for putting 54 inch tires on my ride. Looking at 33s but after seeing how out proportion they look, I thought I'd ask the group. Sent from my QMV7A using Tapatalk
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    91 Mitsubishi Atlanta area

    [URL] /URL] Sent from my QMV7A using Tapatalk
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    combi camp trailer 300 bucks

    not mine just ran across it on craigslist.
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    Found this off an image search I thought it was alittle different and pretty cool. Sent from my QMV7A using Tapatalk
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    Steering on trailer axel?

    A thread on here got me thinking, has anyone ever had or heard of anyone putting a steering axle on their trailer. In tight quarters, especially for full size rigs, it seems like it would be a blessing. I was imagining pneumatic or hydraulic with auto return and a pin or rod to secure in the...
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    i found this on youtube.

    it really helped me understand the parts of the system i was not familiar with. he breaks down do where even a uneducated person like me :ylsmoke: understands it.
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    1984 109 Series III model Land Rover in florida no affiliation.
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    question any chevy owners out there?

    i am thinking of adding another fuel tank on the van. i dont know if i want to dual tanks or just go larger on a single tank. i just dont think the 20ish gallon tank is enough. am i just being paranoid? what are your thoughts or suggestions?
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    couple east coast craigslist finds
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    rtt on comanchee brd

    not mine
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    jeep scrambler in augusta ga area no affiliation
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    85 jeep j10 not mine no affilation