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    FS: James Baroud Space XXL, Used Once! $4000

    ITEM DESCRIPTION A virtually brand new James Baroud Space XXL (Color: Black). Used once for one night. Selling because its way too large for our needs (and the Mrs. doesn't like it... my loss, your gain) PRICE $4000 (Open to reasonable offers...) CONDITION A tiny pin hole in one wall panel due...
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    Side Wall Pin Hole Repair - James Baroud Space XXL

    Son-of-a-B!!! Some how I managed to get a small pin hole (will post pic later) in the side wall of my - BRAND NEW - James Baroud Space XXL. Its located near the flange of the shell's top half and near the rear clasp. I think the material was pinched and caught by a burr on the shell's inside...
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    Custom 80/20 Roof Rack Build Thread! ...Engineers Gone Wild!

    What follows is my half hearted, and quarter cared-for, attempt to document the design, procurement, build, and testing of an 80/20 (T-Slot style) based roof rack. As always, all feedback, insights, scathing criticisms, and ad hominem posts are not just welcomed but encouraged. Incompetent List...
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    Rear Bumper w/ Swingout Tire Carrier for F150... Why doesn't this exist!?!?

    Does anyone make a rear bumper like that shown below for an F150? If not, is there a good reason? Thoughts and/or recommendations on having one fabricated or modifying an existing part are appreciated.
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    Brand New James Baroud Space XXL missing side vents... Very Curious?

    I just got a JB Space XXL and noticed that it lacks the side vents that I see in most photos... anyone know why this is?