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    Winnebago EKKO

    Pretty darn sweet at the asking price and even more killer based on what some people have gotten quotes for in the 140k range. With a lift and some aftermarket AWD upgrades could be a sweet rig for some folks. What do ya’ll think? I know it’s not in the same league as discuss on here. Sent...
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    Winnebago EKKO

    Creating a thread to discuss this interesting rig. I know it’s from an RV maker but they are making some really interesting ideas from the Revel and now the EKKO. Price is killer. Some folks on the FB groups are getting quotes for 132K. That’s a lot of left over change to make this a pretty...
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    Quigley Ford Transit 4x4 on Display Chicago, Indianapolis, Indiana

    They are showing the prototype Transit 4x4 in the Ford booth first week of March. If anyone is in town, and going to these shows, snap up some photos and post it here.
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    Quigley Motor Company First Transit 4x4 Prototype

    Looks like they have a running unit. Interesting times ahead indeed. I wonder how this system will compare the 4x4 system in the Mercedes Sprinter. If priced right, this could be the perfect vehicle.