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    If you had to do it AGAIN...

    160 isn't bad if, as others said, you've kept up on maintenance. I will say there's something nice about having a vehicle you know all the quirks to. Also you might start shocking a couple hundred a month into an acct for any big maintenance that crops up. I drive vehicles into the ground (250k...
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    Off-price camping gear ideas

    While I am in the camp that pay once cry once quality items make sense long term I am also a firm believer that I don't ALWAYS need to buy the fanciest most expensive items available. Maybe it's something I will only need a couple of times, or maybe the risk-reward trade-off is minimal such that...
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    My 2006 GMT800 2500 Auction Find...

    "Keep the old one for a spare" I replaced the belt on my Yukon at, I forget exact mileage now but around 200k. It was the original from the factory. I had a replacement I had bought probably 4 years begore and figured, I better just do it in case it goes. When I took it off factory one had no...
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    Simple rims for modern full size trucks?

    I have a question maybe some of you guys can answer....for full size vehicles I've been somewhat torn. Part of me thinks steel factory wheels would be better because of the initial cost plus if I do hit some bad pothole or something I could hammer it straight to get home as opposed to breaking a...
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    Project "Autonomous" F-350

    I misread that first go it's not the Trail ready wheels, it's the Falken tires? soft sidewalls but stupid strong beads? (Not to mention the (lack of) customer service). That sucks. Sorry to hear it.
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    Lets see some full size pictures...

    Can't beat family road trips to great places! Good for the kiddos to "see the land". We'll done. And some great shots! Thanks for sharing!
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    Fiskers X7 hatchet: NO!

    A buddy has a Gransfors and it's a phenomenal tool. But at that price I can't justify it. I have an Estwing too, Home Depot cheap, takes an edge and if I hit a rock or lose it I don't worry too much. Is it as good as the Gransfors? No. But at the price I like the Estwing.
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    RSI SmartCap vs Leer vs ARE for build out?

    That makes sense. Thanks for the explanation. Always more to learn! Appreciate it!
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    RSI SmartCap vs Leer vs ARE for build out?

    That's interesting. I've seen fiberglass caps filled with little cracks that I assumed were from flexing. But maybe it was only within the "outside edge" of the paint and structurally they were fine, I honestly don't know. You make an interesting point that fiberglass is at times preferable to...
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    RSI SmartCap vs Leer vs ARE for build out?

    I like the RSI products but haven't seen any in rear world use. ARE doesn't make it easy to find specific capacities for the DCU Caps but the "DCU HD" (which is a fiberglass cap) is rated for 550 lbs. I would think the aluminum ones would be rated for more weight but maybe I'm wrong. And it's...
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    RSI SmartCap vs Leer vs ARE for build out?

    Have you looked at ARE's DCU Caps? I worry about fiberglass caps lasting especially with a RTT and rough back roads (even though many claim to have additional strength in the roof). Maybe I'm overthinking it (and I certainly like the looks of many of the newer fiberglass ones) but it seems the...
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    Who Has Scheel-Mann seats??

    You might call some local trucking companies and see- they will often put them in tractors for long haul drivers. Also what about the Scheel-Mann distributor? Can they point you to any customers who have installed them? (If its a single person they might not be willing to but maybe they contact...
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    Chevy is boss.

    I heard it was a 17 yo kid. Amazing. That he just drove off after is amazing....for both him AND the truck!
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    Electric chainsaw for specific purpose

    If you have other Wood for harvesting you might trade some of that for getting someone to cut up the tree you mentioned and leaving some wood. Find out who heats with wood near you and approach them and offer them some wood in exchange for cutting up the downed tree. In lieu of that a good...
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    Anyone using an GMC AT4 or any other GM pickup for overlanding?

    I like the AT4 but question if its worth the upcost v another model (SLE, SLT etc) with the X31 off road package. The AT4 has different seats but from what I see the only mechanical distinction (I think?) Is the 2" body lift. But with the same 18" or 20" wheels as a SLE, SLT there is no increase...
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    2002 Tahoe "Expedition" build

    Good to read your update. I've enjoyed seeing your improvements to the Tahoe, I think they are an oft overlooked platform for this type of vehicle. Sorry to read about about Sabre, that's always hard. But I'm glad you have another you can ride the roads with. We lost our Shepherd that grew up...
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    Looking for opinions on AEV Prospector XL

    What do you get for mileage with your vehicle now fully loaded? You might find there is a much larger MPG difference than comparing empty to empty. I know my buddy's diesel tradesman (2013 or '14) fully loaded with 4 guys fishing for a week we averaged 20-21 mpg (hand and computer calc'd). If...
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    Best soft shackles made in the USA?

    That is about what I suspected (knot and splice) and then whatever Factor of Safety which I suspect is where lawyers may get "involved". But ultimately you gave me what I thought to be true- the material is essentially the same so paying up for a bigger name may not make sense (obviously as long...
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    Best soft shackles made in the USA?

    I have a stupid question that I "think" I know the answer to but want to get folks take on it. As Dynema is the base material for these soft shackles and winch lines shouldn't the weight rating for lines of a set size be the same no matter who markets it? I see different weight ratings and I...
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    Project "Autonomous" F-350

    Damn. Those things get a beating don't they!