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    Continental Divide Ramblings

    It looks like you guys are having a great time. keep the pictures coming!!!
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    Ruins and Rust: Texas to Patagonia, AND BEYOND, in an older 4runner

    Hey guys! Its been a while since we've had an update. Everything going ok?:ylsmoke:
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    Ruins and Rust: Texas to Patagonia, AND BEYOND, in an older 4runner

    Wonderfull! I've been following your build report and looking foreword to the trip. video show 258k on the Toyota. Is that actual miles on the motor also? Have a great trip and "keep the dirty side down".:coffeedrink:
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    New Project (S15 Jimmy)

    Nice little truck you got there for small money. I would take care of any maintenance issues first. Plugs, oil, front, rear diff, transfer case and tranny. Once your certain of the reliability of it then start the fun stuff. 3'' body lift, some 33'' tires, maybe some cheap pro comp shocks...
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    Time to travel... International Travelall

    cool trucks. Dad had 3 different ones while i was growing up. Had everything from canoes to bicycles strapped to the top. Even put my Honda dirt bike in the back. Neighbor had one of the Scout II with the Diesel. I loved that truck! He finally sold it for way to much than a 17yr old could...
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    Project STON, the scaled down 1 ton truck

    :coffeedrink: Love it! More please.
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    TR: A Few San Juan Passes and a 14er

    Love the pictures! Great job on the Dakota. Underated truck IMHO. My lab doesnt like porkie pines either! Had to snip the ends of the quills off, and pull out with pliers. I felt so bad for him.
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    hunter point (Ghost towns )

    Looks like a great time. Love the old piano! the thin sliced meat and veggies look awesome!:chef:
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    Another Kiamichi Trail run, 2/19-2/21

    The IFS truck has a Skyjacker 5in suspension lift with a 3in body lift on 35in buckshots. I was wondering this myself. That 4 runner has some pretty decent flex, for an ifs rig. It does apear that the front driver wheel is off the ground in the one pic, but not very much. Glad you guys had a...
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    Looking to get some ideas

    Looks like you have a great rig to build off of right now. I have the same lift and just through on the rough country drop arm brackets for the lower control arms. Some of rough country's components are suspect, but the the drop brackets are almost identical to the RE. Trust me, best...
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    COLORADO, Medino pass, Royal Gorge Anniversary

    Real nice Scott. Were heading down that way in 2 weeks for a little four day camping trip. Our plan was to stop off at the sand dunes over night and then on to Mesa Verde to check out the indian cliff dwellings. One question, is there anything fun for kids to do at the sand dunes? It seems a...