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    Overland UAE

    Hey - I'm in the UAE...we have a WApp group for overloading...PM me and we can chat
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    Truck Bed Size?

    I have the 5.1 with the Gladiator...I'd get the 8 foot simply because of comfort
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    Recommendations for 5 person rooftop tent

    Agree - that's where aftermarket mattresses like Exped Mega 10 or 15s are used (I'm using the 10s and love them!) That's funny: I had the Columbus from Autohome as well but once we got the 3rd kid it was a no go...before with 2 kids the wife and them 2 would be in the Columbus and I'll sleep...
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    Recommendations for 5 person rooftop tent

    ONLY one I know of but unsure if available States-side is the Howling moon 2.2m long (and 2.2 wide when open) tent. A buddy of mine has it here and he, his wife and 3 kids (under 13) all sleep comfy up there. We have an iKamper 1.0 SkyCamp which fits 4...when it is all 5 of us, I usually bunk in...
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    ARB Fridge for truck bed

    I had the 47, then moved to the 63...3 kids and spouse...recommend the 63 best of both worlds...size and space. It lives in the truck bed under the tonneau cover...otherwise I would have gotten the Element...
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    Very small camping toilet?

    We have been using this for the whole family (and the big guys as well) and it is compact, sturdy, and you can double bag if needed (one large trash bag over the seat so all the business is inside, some sand to contain and absorb, close well, and then put in a smaller bag and ultimately in the...
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    Ursa Minor Camper Shell for JT Gladiator

    Shame that they are sticking to the J30...imagine how cool this would be with a COMPLETELY empty bed for anything and everything you may wanna haul...
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    Ursa Minor Camper Shell for JT Gladiator

    yep - fully agree...
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    Ursa Minor Camper Shell for JT Gladiator

    It would be a shame not to make use of the Gladiator's essential benefit of taking the top off...and minimizing the total height of the vehicle, by adding 4-6" of height and flipping forward where it takes up useless space (over the hood), and a nice ladder access from the bumper or from the...
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    Ursa Minor Camper Shell for JT Gladiator

    Hey Kelly, thanks for mentioning do you mean they will replace the hardtop (two from Freedoms, rear section) with a new UMV top that swings forward 180 degrees so we can liberate the bed of sleeping platform carrying duties? That's the uniqueness of the JT...that would be awesome and...
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    Discovery 1 Rooftop tent question

    I'm running a Baja Rack for my RTT and love it. If your rack is ONLY made to hold your can consider 3 cross bars for even lighter weight. If the car stays, I will consider going through the roof to the SD cage a la CT Discos and further lighten the load on the rain gutters...
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    We're shortlisted for the 2015 Top Truck Challenge

    Update! Video of the latest test which went well...of course lots of adjustments to make:
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    Anyone using two refrigerators...

    I have the ARB 47 (5 year old) in the trunk acting as a freezer for food and "next day" drinks...and a Waeco 15 between the front seats for "immediate" drink great...does need 2 x Optimas to be managed...need to get a solar system when my new RTT hard-top tent arrives...
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    Beating a dead horse, but.... Hiking boots?

    I've tried almost all boots out there...Salomon work for me...used for Kili and using again now for Everest Base Camp...the Arc'Teryx boots look great too, but haven't tried yet.
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    Upscale expedition defender 90..???

    Great project...who manufactures that supercharger? Would like to get one for my Defender 4.2v8
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    Looking for Hi-lift accessory
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    37's on a Range Rover Sport

    Good on you! It looks great...
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    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

    Some updates of my 1991 D110 with some nice goodies to help us through the tough Lebanese winters (M8274-50, ARBs, Chromo shafts Rovota front, Sals60 rear, ORI struts, 4.2 V8, Ashcroft under drive, Roll cage, and - most importantly - heated seats and heated windscreen)
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    The perfect tire.

    The Cooper STT MAXX is similar
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    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

    Some updated pictures of my truggy's shake-down run...had some issues to address...nothing crazy, overall very pleased with the outcome...more fine tuning will serve it well.