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  1. v_man

    Next Gen Land Cruiser

    10 pages of discussion here....
  2. v_man

    Tablet mounts

    I made a cradle for my Samsun Tab A 10". It's secured at three points of contact in my LX. Here's a writeup I did on OB:
  3. v_man

    2000 Land Cruiser

    Do you have maintenance records? How much rust? What's the asking price? I'd expect to drop a few thousand to baseline it, fluids, spark plugs, air filter, etc. You might want to check for CV leaks or rack and pinion steering leaks, oil leaks, transmission fluid leaks, rear main seal leak...
  4. v_man

    DE VIII - The Owens Valley

    It's called "Burro Schmidt" tunnel...
  5. v_man

    Concerns with a 91 taco im looking at.. what do I look for?

    The 3vze gets a bad rap because it is/was a poor engine by Toyota standards. The HG failure rate was high enough that Toyota put out a recall on it, which they might still honor, not sure though. That being said there are still literally tens of thousands of 3vze's on the road today...
  6. v_man

    Info on 1998 land cruiser

    Cut to the chase, how much?
  7. v_man

    Bought a LX470 - I have questions

    Found a pic of Davidl13's suburban online. Not gonna lie, it's pretty sweet.
  8. v_man

    2003 e350 Ford 4x4 van value

    So you're Kareem Abdul Jabbar?
  9. v_man

    Possibly selling? Confused.

    Moral of the story is stay out of credit card debt. It makes you do things you don't want to do. Personally I'd keep the 100 and come up with a plan to aggressively pay down the debt.
  10. v_man

    Dometic CF series V. CFX series - what's the diff

    No issue. It's been running in my garage for about a year. Plenty of guys have had them plugged in for years, either in their car of home...
  11. v_man

    Buying LX470 - What's Ahead?

    It's almost like people have wondered about and asked all these questions for years...
  12. v_man

    Buying LX470 - What's Ahead?

    When you get rid of AHC you're left with a perfect spot for that 2nd battery ;)
  13. v_man

    Finished my dual battery and secondary electronic system

    Care to elaborate? I think it looks great and I did the same on my dual setup...
  14. v_man

    Finished my dual battery and secondary electronic system

    FWIW you can easily move that power steering reservoir to the other side of the airbox, if you should ever need that space....nice install
  15. v_man

    BFG KM3: The New Mud Terrain

    I wonder if BFG will continue their tradition of grossly overstating tire heights. I had a pair of 37" KM2's that were about 36" on a good day....
  16. v_man

    Advice for soon to be father...

    The first advice you should have got is take all parenting advice with a grain of salt. ;) Besides that, enjoy every moment!
  17. v_man

    4x4 Sunrader Build Out

    :iagree: this looks rad...
  18. v_man

    Fuse or Circuit Breaker

    On my rock crawler I have my starter powered through my aux. fuse box. There's a CB between the aux. box and battery. A flick of the switch on the CB and the truck won't turn over, so it's like a poor man's kill switch. It's nice to be able to shut off power when you want to...
  19. v_man

    Optima yellowtop battery for 1st gen Xterra?

    Data? Studies? What's this based on besides your opinion?