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  1. AsltPnr54

    Land Rover 127 Battlefield Ambulance Camper Build

    Hi all, this will be an intro to my build thread on my Land Rover 127 Battlefield Ambulance which will be converted to a camper that will support my hobbies and travels. First up an intro to what I'm starting with. This is a 1990(?) Land Rover 127 Battlefield Ambulance built by Locomotors in...
  2. AsltPnr54

    Google Nexus 7 tablet

    This looks like the solution for me also, the Nexus is the right size and price point. I was just concerned the Topo support would not be good. Google Earth seems to now have a "navigate off-line" feature for the mobile apps which could work well to augment the topos with imagery but I am not...
  3. AsltPnr54

    no ARB or WARN or HILIFT or any other offroad prep tool will save you from this guys

    haha lol! What this thread needs is a good hijack into bear defence methods and weapons. Solid advice and tales of adventure here. :rolleyes:
  4. AsltPnr54

    If Jeep offered more choices.....

    This please, in this:
  5. AsltPnr54

    water storage on a jeep wrangler

    Yup think this is a great mod. Keeps the water or fuel more accessible and on a nice and low CofG.
  6. AsltPnr54

    My New (AEV) American Expedition Vehicles Jeep!!

    I've got the JK ones installed now, as you say not a perfect fit but made it work. Airsoft websites are a good place to get cheap molle that looks the part here but does not need the full on strength of real gear.
  7. AsltPnr54

    My New (AEV) American Expedition Vehicles Jeep!!

    I got the G.E.A.R. storage too but it attaches with velcro straps and does not fit the JK seats that well. I like the lace up style much better. Where did you order it from or is it a personal modification?
  8. AsltPnr54

    Expeditioning in style - Blaser and H&H do Land Rover

    There is something to be said about an expedition rich in the good things in life. For most of us its the simple enjoyment of the campfire, friends, family but for those that can afford it there are the Land Rovers out there to cater to your 1st class expedition or safari. Cool to look at for...
  9. AsltPnr54

    Just saw this - for sale

    I've been drooling over that truck for a while.:drool: The truck is a conversion from a Doka it seems, too bad, I too would have liked to have a back seat to strap down the little monster.
  10. AsltPnr54

    Breslau Adventure Rally
  11. AsltPnr54

    Expo / Daily-driver JK build (Pic-heavy)

    very cool racks, love the interior rack especially. The interior pelican looks like its secured to the rack, good idea.
  12. AsltPnr54

    Project Warhorse for wounded veterans Ok, so not really an expedition focused initiative but a good charity to support especially if custom bikes and/or giving something back to veterans are your thing.
  13. AsltPnr54

    Winter Parka

    If you want practical and fashionable go with the classic 60's mod parka - an M51 or M65 if you want fur. This site can get you the real deal.
  14. AsltPnr54

    Arctic and extreme cold weather gear

    Canadian Forces Mukluks and mitts are great deals for extreme cold weather. Worn them jumping out of airplanes at -30 and in the arctic across 180 km snowmachine/komotic rides and hunts and even kept most of my fingers and toes.:) j/k You can pay more for commercial mukluks and mitts but the...
  15. AsltPnr54

    Adventure Rally: What's out there?
  16. AsltPnr54

    Sheepskins Advice

    Anybody have a generic pattern or a link to one? I can get top quality hides cheap and would like to get some made for a Jeep JKU and Disco 2.
  17. AsltPnr54

    Bushcraft knife knives

    My current belt knife for the bush is a DPx Gear HEST made by RAT knives (now EESE). The folder version the HEST/f is my every day carry and I could not be more pleased with both. DPx gear has moved away from EESE and is now made by Lion Steel but I would carry any of the EESE products. I...
  18. AsltPnr54

    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    Love the Mud Grapplers. They look awesome and perform well in mud oddly enough. Street manners are good but they are noticeably loud which I like. Not as good on the ice as I would have hoped and only ok in deep snow. I may look for a winter set of ATs but the Nittos are there for the summer.
  19. AsltPnr54

    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    My 2008 JKU Rubicon
  20. AsltPnr54

    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

    Our Disco 2 SE7 on a fun trials course. Wife's first time 4x4ing her truck!