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  1. kodiak-black

    Death Valley last weekend

    Did a 5 day trip with some friends to DV. I've been to DV numerous times through the years, though first time with the truck camper and it did very well. A LOT of washboard and pseudo technical roads coming in from the North of the park at Eureka Dunes. Suspension handles the load and was not...
  2. kodiak-black

    Awning install?

    Has anyone installed an awning on their aftermarket truck camper? I ordered my Northstar Liberty purposely without an awning because they did not offer a 270* awning. For those that did do an install. I'm assuming you locate a "stud" of sorts, some dicor, some butyl tape, appropriate length...
  3. kodiak-black

    Mounting things on the rear ladder?

    What, if anything do you guys mount on the ladder? Trasharoo's, chairs, fuel, something heavier? What do you use to mount it? Straps, bungees, clamps? Looking for ideas.
  4. kodiak-black

    Removing electric jacks for off road?

    Does anyone remove their electric jacks if you they you're going go on a trip involving some light off roading? If so, what kind of quick disconnect did you make to disconnect the power cable?
  5. kodiak-black

    Custom mounting options?

    I wanted to ask if anyone has employed any "custom" mounting points to secure their truck camper to the bed of their truck? Of the 2 typical options, Happijac and the Torklift frame mounts I feel like I'd like something more low profile than the Torklifts and stronger than Happijac bumper...
  6. kodiak-black

    Has anyone bought or ordered a M-project from 4 wheel camper?

    Just curious if anyone has taken the plunge. There's so many options on the market now compared to just 2 years ago.
  7. kodiak-black

    Recent Utah Canyonlands NP trip (White Rim rd)

    Posted in another area of the forum as well.
  8. kodiak-black

    Canyonlands NP (White Rim Road)