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    Through Hull questions for Camper: Need to attach Female quick connect for air

    I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out how this is done. Maybe you can help. I need advice on what to use for two through hull situations where I need to pass extension cords/propane lines through the wall of my camper and where I'd like to mount a PowerTank female quick connect. So...
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    Longbed Shell with Flip Window/Yakima Racks/custom aluminum sleep platform supports

    Price Drop: $600.... And I'll give YOU a six pack of Pacifico! Fits 8' bed, '07+ Toyota Tundra trucks- Excellent condition, was on a truck that was parked in a carport so shell is not faded or chalky. All rubber seals in excellent condition- all struts function. The shell has a flip up full...
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    Diesel BJ44: Craigslist San Diego- looks cool.

    Wife said I can't buy it 'til I pay off the Tundra... this thing looks cool - have to say I don't know if it's a good deal but I could see myself tooling around in it- even if she can't!
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    More Photos of this Roof Rack: Really Sweet Set-up

    Hello- I'm getting ready to pickup an A.R.E shell for my vehicle and was browsing through their photos when I came across this red Tacoma with its custom rack. I remember seeing some other photos of it here...
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    Save This Flip-pac: In San Diego at pick-a-part!

    Just saw this on craigslist: I've got a longbed tundra so it won't work for me... might be score for somebody with a short bed.... good luck and keep us posted if you get it!