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    1987 Isuzu Trooper II - SOLD

    YOU CAN SEE SOME OF MY SOLD COMMENTS IN MY LAST POST AT THE BOTTOM. 1987 Isuzu Trooper II located Harrison, ARKANSAS 72601 $6750.00 FIRM I've owned several years, daily drove it about a year before I moved to a different rig. Thinning out some space. runs really good. 136,100 miles 2.3 4 cyl...
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    2014 G Project - sold

    2014, 50,xxxx miles sold stock upon purchase. Some basic mods/add ons. I want to put some info in this to help other basic people that are searching for info on what to do, what fit, lessons learned. I do all the various searches of forums and internet for generic info when looking at a rig to...
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    1989 Range Rover - project help

    I bought this Range Rover about a year ago on this forum. All internet, phone, email. Not banging on seller but as we see lots of times the risk of buying that way has some risks. When the car hauler says "let's see if this will start" and the rover mechanic where it was picked up from told...