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  1. whododat

    Pelican 1650 Cases

    Bueller, Bueller?
  2. whododat

    Pelican 1650 Cases

    I am interested in at least one. Curious to know shipping as well to 37861. Thanks
  3. whododat

    cant delete post

    Price? I will offer 10 dollars if you post one more set of photos!
  4. whododat

    23Zero Walkabout 62 for sale $1600

    Do you still have this? In Rutledge here.
  5. whododat

    2022 Nissan Frontier SV

    Looking good. Good luck with the new vehicle. The wife and I were looking at those prior to getting our 4Runner.
  6. whododat

    2021 5x8 v nose $4500 cash

    Thank you. Interesting
  7. whododat

    2021 5x8 v nose $4500 cash

    Do you know what the weight is?
  8. whododat

    Dodge full size, for the win 🏆 🥇

    Our 2019 1500 was one of the most comfortable vehicles to drive and the LEAST reliable vehicle we have ever owned. I still got the warnings to drive it straight to the dealer after I dumped it. Never again.
  9. whododat

    2021 Ram 2500 Power Wagon (Gigantor 2.0)

    I enjoy watching the progress of your truck. Great looking vehicle and safe travels. BTW, does it mean I am old if I knew who Gigantor was?!!!!
  10. whododat

    CJ-6 "Rat Bastard"

    Top Notch!! Def a fav of mine. Good luck with it.
  11. whododat

    Luxury Off-roaders

    I only have a Lexus, Lamborghini did not make one when I was shopping...
  12. whododat

    Advrntures in the dog house

    Great pics but I have to be honest. I think your dog is having more fun than you!! (y) Be safe.
  13. whododat

    2021 Ram 5500,4x4

    Might want to adjust the year on the main thread title, otherwise that is some serious low mileage!!!!!!!
  14. whododat

    Amazing First Overland Trip In The Books

    Top notch, top notch!! Congrats to you both.
  15. whododat

    Random dog shots

    What slipper??!!
  16. whododat

    Spare tire to factory roof rails

    Has anyone secured their spare tire to the factory roof rails? If so, how did you do it safely? Thanks in advance.
  17. whododat

    Detours of Maine Contact

    Aha! Thanks for the heads up. Appreciate it.
  18. whododat

    Detours of Maine Contact

    I have sent them a message through their website twice. I do not use facebook so I cannot send a message that way. Is there a phone number for this place? I need a tire carrier for my GX and have not received a reply yet. I was hoping somebody here might have contact with them somehow. Thanks...
  19. whododat

    One to many zeros......

    Was going to say price was high until I saw this: Privacy Side & Rear Window Covers (included) 🤨
  20. whododat

    Looking For a New 1/2Ton

    I can tell you firsthand about Ram products. I had a 19 Ram 1500 Big Horn 4WD and it was one of the worst vehicles we have ever owned, reliability wise. It was however, the most comfortable vehicle to travel in and got decent mileage but the lack of reliability did it for us and I got rid of it...