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  1. Sledder10

    DIY Bumper HELP

    here's the latest update. I've been working on it here and there after class and work, so its been a long time coming. but its finally nearly done. I kept the frame mounts and they seem to sandwich the frame rails super nicely and when I remove the bolts it still pops off without a problem. I...
  2. Sledder10

    Chevy Colorado or GMC Canyon Setups

    So nice of this thread to randomly pop up. Pleasantly surprised to see some fellow 1st gens (355) on here. Here's my 2008 GMC Canyon SLE Offroad, 3.7l, 4x4. -Hummer H3 front suspension swap -Colorado ZR2 CV axles -Badlands torsion keys -Extra leaf + lift shackles in the rear -Bilstein...
  3. Sledder10

    DIY Bumper HELP

    Just picked up some pipe that perfectly sleeves the 5/8” bolts, so I will be using that to sleeve all the bolt holes. I’m also gonna try and figure out how to add a third mounting hole to each frame rail that will eliminate the bumpers last degree of freedom that it could move (slightly) in due...
  4. Sledder10

    DIY Bumper HELP

    Yeah I forgot to mention I plan on capping off the front of the frame. Just waiting to see exactly where my skid plate will be located in case I have to trim it back more. But yes adding sleeves is a great idea! I suppose I could find some 5/8” ID sleeves, and bore out the holes in the frame to...
  5. Sledder10

    DIY Bumper HELP

    Nearly finished making a steel high-clearance front bumper, but second-guessing my mounting setup. The 4 mounting plates are 1/4” steel and they sandwich my frame rails as u can see below. I’m wondering if maybe this design limits the amount of friction I can actually clamp onto the frame rails...
  6. Sledder10

    **SOLD** F/S Tepui Ayer 2, Avon, Illinois

    Hello, I’m very interested in the tent. Is it still available?