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  1. Prescott

    FS/FT 1983 Dodge D50/Mighty Max 4WD

    Sadly, I am selling the whole lot. I have enjoyed countless trips in this truck and it will be missed very much but it is not my daily driver and having an extra vehicle just doesn't make sense anymore. So the truck itself. (pictures are taking a minute to load so I will have pictures of the...
  2. Prescott

    Back to Mitsu with an 83 Mighty Max

    Well technically I guess its an 83 Dodge D50. Same difference. Anyways... Hey there everyone. A couple months ago I bought an 83 Power Ram D50 and finally decided to post up here. So I saw this truck sitting in a parking lot with a for sale sign and thought I should go take a look at it. I...
  3. Prescott

    96 Montero SR project/shell for sale.

    Ive got a 96 Montero that I absolutely can not sink any more money into. It is blue in color. I bought this because I was an idiot and thought I wanted a project lol. I bought it from a guy who said the timing belt snapped. That was not the case and when I looked under it I noticed the rod was...
  4. Prescott

    93 or 96 SR build thread, not sure yet. Need help deciding.

    Ive decided to finally put it out there and somewhat introduce myself to the community. I originally bought a 1993 Montero SR and loved it. Beautiful paint, cared for, stock; Exactly what i was looking for. For a bit i did small things here and there, and bought a ton of extra parts from...
  5. Prescott

    Motorcycle rack for your hitch

    Its a great rack, I just have no use for it anymore. I have it listed on CL at $150.00 but will make it 125.00 for expo members. Shipping would be absolutely terrible so I would prefer not to do that. This will come with a locking hitch pin and two keys. All the welds are in great shape and I...