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    1993 FZJ80 (“80 series”) Land Cruiser, triple-locked

    Well gang, this sucks. I'm not just selling the LC; I'm selling part of my soul. This is the ad I posted to Craigslist but I'd prefer to see the rig go to a true 80-lover. Please read and forward if you know someone who's interested. More pics are available on the CL ad...
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    Trailside air: compressor or CO2 can?

    Howdy, all. As the title suggests I'm looking for suggestions/pros/cons for portable air options. I have a buddy with a CO2 can in his J33p and he likes that setup. But I've also spotted this TJM compressor over at Slee that looks pretty handy. My thoughts: the CO2 can is smaller, taking up...
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    Sliders, or slider steps? (vote please)

    As the title suggests, I'm trying to figure out which way to go here. I posted this to MUD but generally really appreciate the rigs here. I do some fairly aggressive trail running here in CO so high-centering a rocker on a boulder is quite possible. I removed the factory running boards after...