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  1. AlwaysExplr87

    Family Mosquito Control

    May be a little more appropriate in the gear section but wanted input from those who have researched options for kid friendly bug control. The bugs have arrived over the last few weeks and while the toddler doesn't seem to mind it is driving my wife ad I crazy. We were having good luck with...
  2. AlwaysExplr87

    Super hardcore offroad- considering ditching the tacoma for a vw wagon

    Let me start of by saying, im kind of a greenie. I hike more than I wheel and feel bad about driving around in anything with less than 20 mpg average. I know alot of people here have differing opinions about fuel consumption but was looking for some imput on something I have been thinking hard...
  3. AlwaysExplr87

    Leaky rain jacket

    Well after the nearly 16" of rain we've gotten here in eastern NC over the past 3 days I've found out my rain jacket needs an overhaul. I have a patagonia shadow from 2007 that has started to let water soak into the nylon. No water leaks through the seams or anything but the thiner panels are...
  4. AlwaysExplr87

    East coast pride

    Any east coasters out there getting pumped for this weeks coming swell? Im trying to knock out all the homework now so I can avoid the real world for the week.
  5. AlwaysExplr87

    Somebody please talk me down (VW bus lust)

    Ok, so Ive always been a VW and station wagon nut but never been in a position where I could buy one. Well Ive got a little extra cash and think it would be good for me to have a small wagon as a mostly DD to go to work and the occasional short trip (under 4 hours) to save gas and mileage on...
  6. AlwaysExplr87

    Another camper platform (07 Tacoma)

    Just got back from a short trip and have some time to post up my camper build. I finally tracked down a camper shell on craigslist for a good deal a few weeks ago. It was a few hours away and I had no pictures to go off of, but I had talked to the owner and the price was right so I made the 7...
  7. AlwaysExplr87

    The vanishing lifter tick

    My brothers XJ has always had a little knock when under load or shifting into 4th. I never thought too much of it, mostly because mine did the same thing its whole life. Well I was driving it the other day and it got a little worse. We noticed that if you turn the heat on it disappears. The...
  8. AlwaysExplr87

    thinking about photography

    I've been considering getting into photography more seriously lately. I have always been in love with photography (thanks to natgeo) and I really need an artistic outlet to blow off some steam and stress from school. I have taken a few photography clasess in highschool and middleschool, mostly...
  9. AlwaysExplr87

    Camper questions

    Ok so the time has come for me to get a camper for my 07 taco for my next trip. Money is kind of tight and am trying to make it go as far as possible. I have been going back and forth between a fiberglass shell, aluminum shell, or a softtop (most likely bestop). I will be using this for me...
  10. AlwaysExplr87

    Opinions on suzuki dr200se

    I hate to start this kind of thread but I'm pretty bike illiterate. Thanks in advance. I've got the chance to buy a pretty clean '96 Suzuki dr200se with 9,000 miles for around $1,000. I have always wanted a bike to beat around the farm with. I don't really want something to big because I've...
  11. AlwaysExplr87

    Taco Handheld GPS mount

    Just got a handheld GPS and trying to figure out how I'm going to mount it in my 07 taco. I really like the RAM mounts but, have been looking at braketron adjustable mounts so I could use it to hold other stuff. I'm really liking the vent mount over the windsheild mount due to the fact its...
  12. AlwaysExplr87

    Art Loeb Solo

    Got fall break comming up and have been planning to go backpacking through linville gorge or doing the Art Loeb trail with an old friend. Well, the friend has backed out and its looking like im going to be going at this thing solo. This is going to be my first solo trip but I've had a good bit...
  13. AlwaysExplr87

    hand-me-down XJ build

    Just joined, and started an intro thread in the toyota side but thought I would post up the build of my little brothers XJ. Parents bought the truck off a friend last year for his 15th birthday, and Ive been helping him build it over the past year. I named this hand-me-down because I had a 98...
  14. AlwaysExplr87

    thought id say hey

    Ive been lurking for a while now and thought I would finally join up. I'm slowly building up my tacoma and my brothers XJ for mild overland trips and camping. I'm stuck at the beach right now for college (rough life right?) but break away a few times every semester to get out of the city...