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  1. Saratoga

    Clutch & Gearbox woes

    Sooo The thrust bearing on the clutch is noisy first thing in the morning, or when I start driving after it's been sat a while. I try and minimise where it would be an issue, but it's still quite noisy and is getting more and more frequent. Noisy when the clutch is pressed in and holding the...
  2. Saratoga

    Discovery II & Kenwood TM D710e Radio Install

    Hiya Well. With my previous vehicles I have had a semi-permanent installation, only removing them when the vehicle has left me. My FT8800 (second hand when I picked up my M6 licence) survived 3 cars; but with the arrival of Rose, my D2 XS, I decided on another radio. My 2e0 licence allows me up...
  3. Saratoga

    Giant Mobile Battery

    Not sure how it relates to expeditioning but it is worth considering, if it's compatible. IMIEV Mobile Power Source Now, I don't know how compatible it would be as I have no experience of hybrid vehicles and their systems. Considering it plugs into the charging outlet for the car I would...
  4. Saratoga

    Red Camel Trophy Discovery 300TDI (97)

    Well, for many years I thought everyone knew about these but it seems not. When I was into Landrovers back in the nineties, I was acquainted with a chap in Gwynedd in Wales with a red Camel Trophy discovery and it was very nice, and one of the things that encouraged me towards liking...
  5. Saratoga

    UK Overland & 4x4 Travel Show

    Spotted this via a link on a Land Rover Mailing list. (Thanks Darren) Overland & 4x4 Travel Show Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, Sunday 13th February 2011 Tickets are £5 :victory: :wings: Not sure where to put this message but I guess here does OK ;)
  6. Saratoga

    Low Height Battery

    Hiya I'm trying to get a decent size battery to go on my LR90. However the only space to put it is underneath the passenger seat next to the other battery. And there is even less space at the back than the front, where the main battery is. The max height of the battery can be 15cm and can be...
  7. Saratoga

    Transmission Type

    Hiya Folks Well, my background is that I'm on my 3rd LR right now, which is a V8 with automatic transmission (gearbox). The previous two had manual 'boxes. I learnt to drive on a manual (1992) and up until 2 years ago I rarely drove an auto, large or small. But things change. The company I...
  8. Saratoga

    Landrover Ham & GPS Setup *Pics*

    My current vehicle is a 1998 Land Rover Defender 90 V8 Auto. I’m a bit limited on what I can install and where and it needs to be temporary in nature. The first and foremost reason is that this vehicle is on loan to me from a friend, and the second reason is that I live in a reasonably poor area...
  9. Saratoga

    PDF Manuals Online

    Hiya Quite a while ago I found some sites with various PDF manuals online and freely available. However, I can't find that particular site. There are others, and hopefully these will be of some use to members here. If the Mods wish to strike me down and...