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  1. Saratoga

    Garmin Overlander

    Looks like Garmin have now released to the Tread series. Which is similar to the Overlander, and they’ve done a similar thing that which they did with the Dezl series. It’s not compatible with the Explore app, they’ve given it a fresh app called tread. It has a built-in ‘in reach’ thing, and...
  2. Saratoga

    Garmin Overlander

    Although I note that with the Garmin Montana 700 series you can get 1:25k and 1:50k OS Topo maps in the UK but you can't get it for the Overlander :( I suspect it is because the Overlander is using the Android architecture and the Montana is using the previous OS, which I think was MS WM6 or so.
  3. Saratoga

    Garmin Overlander

    Hiya I have come into this the other way along. I have been using a 7" Garmin Truck SatNav (Dezl 780, 560 and LGV700 in that order). I previously had a Snooper TruckNav but over time that got worse for me. So I upgraded to a Garmin and I've travelled over 400,000 kilometers over 5 years with...
  4. Saratoga

    DC-DC battery charger under hood?

    I have a CTEK D250S mounted under the bonnet (hood?). It is on the drivers side (offside/right) behind the brake/clutch servo I think. UK spec vehicle. I can provide photos but it doesn't get too hot there and I've not had any problems. It was in my last D2, and I've had this one now for 3-4...
  5. Saratoga

    Outdoor Kid Photo Thread

    My niece in Woombye, QLD. Part of the family emigrated a few years back. A visit opened my eyes to options. My brothers’ family in Wales in Autumn. Whilst not far off the beaten track, it is still a lovely part of the country, and the colours can be quite stunning. Perhaps more stunning...
  6. Saratoga

    Aluminum vs Wood Frame for Sleeping/Storage platform

    When mine was designed, and built. I specifically requested that it could be removed so low, and the guy managed it. The sections I held together using hinges and removable pins. The top and bottom pieces are the largest and heaviest yet I can still manage them on my own.
  7. Saratoga

    Clutch & Gearbox woes

    Yep. I think as a minimum that needs to be done, but considering the cost of it, I might go with having the gearbox done as well. After all, it is 15 years old lol. I know series Land Rover is went longer without a gearbox change, but that was a different standard they were made too.
  8. Saratoga

    Clutch & Gearbox woes

    Less than 6 months ago the oil was changed using the proper MTF and done at a land rover place.
  9. Saratoga

    Clutch & Gearbox woes

    Sooo The thrust bearing on the clutch is noisy first thing in the morning, or when I start driving after it's been sat a while. I try and minimise where it would be an issue, but it's still quite noisy and is getting more and more frequent. Noisy when the clutch is pressed in and holding the...
  10. Saratoga

    My D2 TD5, Overland Build

    Was the boot storage something you bought or built ?
  11. Saratoga

    Landrover Ham & GPS Setup *Pics*

    The battery in an ammo tin was basically measuring a golf cart or mobility scooter battery to see what I could get then setting it on its side and giving it fuses/connections/charge points. Pretty easy considering... Moving away from those setups now though :o ;)
  12. Saratoga

    Discovery II & Kenwood TM D710e Radio Install

    Hiya Well. With my previous vehicles I have had a semi-permanent installation, only removing them when the vehicle has left me. My FT8800 (second hand when I picked up my M6 licence) survived 3 cars; but with the arrival of Rose, my D2 XS, I decided on another radio. My 2e0 licence allows me up...
  13. Saratoga

    1999 Disco I 300TDi: Fixes, Mods, & Trips

    Workshop manual direct from publisher ? 60 uk pounds brand new ;)
  14. Saratoga

    CB Radio install in a 2500 Dodge

    Looks a good setup ; ) and if it does whst you want and how you want it then so be it. Did your two legged freind want feeding ;)
  15. Saratoga

    Best Android Overlanding software?

    I've been using OsmAnd. Works ok, not the best but cheap to free. You can get contour info too...
  16. Saratoga

    My 95' Disco

    Excellent platform in the back there! I had thought of something similar but utilizing the 1/2 seat split at the back so that two passengers could be carried in the vehicle with the driver with the platform down. How long is it from back door to the back of the drivers seat please? And do you...
  17. Saratoga

    Should I go dual or just 2m?

    I'd reccomend a dual bander for the simple reason that you could have 144mhz use for what you want 2m for and also 70cms, 440mhz, for local chat. With our group we have 2m for the group chat among vehicles then 70cm handsets for walking the route or other such shorter distances. I've used...
  18. Saratoga

    Landrover Ham & GPS Setup *Pics*

    Alfio; Yes. It was, I think, a T42. I had a raft of Thinkpads then things changed and I moved back to the PC for a while and have a Dell Mini 9 souped up for my portable needs. However, in time I am sure I will go back to Thinkpads, maybe a x60 or something. My Radio spec laptop with a com port...
  19. Saratoga

    Landrover Ham & GPS Setup *Pics*

    Alfio, that 'accessory' socket was made from a Maplins plastic box that was large enough to take two full length ciggy sockets plus fuse and wiring. Later, I made a larger one that lives in my car that has 2x Hella and 2x regular sockets. Other bits bought online and fitted together. Soldered...
  20. Saratoga

    Best Android Overlanding software?

    Seems mmtracker isn't available anymore after memory map the company complained :-(