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  1. shellb

    2004 Dodge Ram 2500 Cummins w/ 6speed manual and Four Wheel Camper Hawk. (Colorado)

    Would you consider separating them? And If so, asking prices?
  2. shellb

    2016 RAM 3500 Mega Cab w/ Manual G56 Transmission (Colorado)

    Selling my super clean 3 owner 2016 RAM 3500 Mega-Cab Cummins 6.7l paired with Manual G56 transmission. It is a nicely built set-up, essentially mirroring the "Prospector" but with Carli/King suspension in lieu of AEV. No issues and needs nothing. Price: $54,000 obo Location: Erie, CO (80516)...
  3. shellb

    Ujoint Offroad Colorado van build thread!

    Hmm! You guys piqued my interest… I just ran the VIN and do believe that this is a v10 based on the Monroney Labels widow sticker.
  4. shellb

    Price Drop: 2000 Ford E350 EB 7.3L Sportsmobile UJOR 4x4 with CCV Top - $80k in Midland, TX

    Hey there - Quick question...if a buyer were to remove the rear drawer/platform, would there be enough space to add a fifth Sienna seat? You know family of 5 vs 4! Ideally add a couple of kennels too for the muts...maybe just a bench seat to replace the current second row is best given those...
  5. shellb

    Sold - 2016 RAM 3500 Mega Cab - G56

    Hi Folks! Going to bump this to see if anyone is interested in this truck before I put together a full for sale ad! Its still in CO, only put a few thousand miles on it… updated maintenance, new tires, rear bumper replaced and lighting. Price would be similar to what I paid despite upgrades...
  6. shellb

    WTT/S 1988 Defender 110

    Hello from clubgwagen! Glad you posted this over here as well. GLWS!
  7. shellb

    SOLD - 2020 Ram 2500 PowerWagon Olive Green w/GFC AEVs 37s

    Exactly! Same taste after all these years. I often think about the flatbed power wagon you built. Not sure why I never bought that from you back in the day!
  8. shellb

    4x4 1985 Toyota sunrader for sale!!!
  9. shellb

    2020 SCOUT Olympic Slide in Truck Camper (6.5 foot)

    Might have missed it, but location?
  10. shellb

    2008 Lexus LX570, SOLD

    Congrats! Was well priced. Hopefully it stays in CO!
  11. shellb

    UJOR Build Thread

    Do they want to sell that? 😜
  12. shellb

    SOLD Rear Econoline Ujoint Bumper SF Bay Area

    Are you starting to part out the van or just running a different bumper until you sell it? Wish I could make the van work with wife and 3 kids!
  13. shellb

    2001 Provan Tiger F350 7.3

    Based on the map this is virtually next door to me, yet I haven’t seen it around. I’ll offer up my help to anyone here who is interested and needs it.
  14. shellb

    2005 Ford E350 6.0l Powerstroke Quigley 4x4 Van

    Any idea on how hard it would be to add a 3rd passenger seat in the back? So total of 5 seats!
  15. shellb

    Sold --- Ultimate winching gloves! HexArmor

    Hey Vince - If you haven’t shipped my winch yet and can throw these in, I’ll take them!