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  1. Kuma632

    Big plans?

    Got the crew a chalet room at Timberline Lodge reserved for Feb/15. Funny how much I think about snowriding in the heat of summer.:)
  2. Kuma632

    Nissan Photos - post your's

    Hahaha. I may have a similar affliction. In addition to the '05 Frontier, we recently went from a '90 300zx to an '09 G37S coupe. So...I like your style!
  3. Kuma632

    Post your Nissan Camping Pictures!

    Yeah! This thread is for Burgers, not Bowties!:)
  4. Kuma632

    LED Bar install on the Xterra

    Thanks for the write up and especially for the pics. I've got a 20in led light bar to wire up on our Frontier.
  5. Kuma632

    Triple Aught Design?

    We were in SF for my wife's B-day and while in Hayes Valley area we stopped by the TAD store. I must say that the mobility/maneuverability in the Force 10 cut is very impressive! The AC material is super lightweight and breathable. I'm looking forward to a trail test and long term review...
  6. Kuma632

    Masterflow MV-50/MF-1050 getting scarce?

    I recently purchased a Superflow MV-50, for <$65. Sold by Amazon, w/ Prime Free shipping. Works well enough for my needs, though likely insufficient for an Expedition Leader. We'll see how it goes as far as longevity. Anyway, they are still available as of a couple weeks ago. I've no...
  7. Kuma632

    How many miles on your Nissan?

    Recently completed the 90k service on our '05 Frontier.
  8. Kuma632

    The Dragon my 2006 Xterra OR edition

    Nice work. Those XO Leds look smooth and the sale price makes 'em a sweet deal. I agree the factory reverse lights are lacking in brightness. I just wired up a couple this weekend (just 3"x5" hal.) on our '05 Frontier and it's really much better now. Easy mod; Good lookin' install. ~B
  9. Kuma632

    UCE3 - Utah Cruiser Expedition 3

    Wow! That is some beautiful country up there. Thanks for sharing the story and the Epic Photos! ~B
  10. Kuma632

    President’s Day Weekend in Moab

    Very nice, as usual! Thanks for sharing. ~B
  11. Kuma632

    Aggrocrag's 2011(Now 2014) Pro-4x

    The clubfrontier group buy ended around Jan.12th. Shrock guaranteed shipment within a three month (ha ha, I know) window. I heard some of the first done will ship end of the month but I have no idea where my order is in the queue. I don't really recall what stock felt like now, years on. When...
  12. Kuma632

    Aggrocrag's 2011(Now 2014) Pro-4x

    Hey Aggro. Nice truck! I think you're on the right track with your thoughts on suspension mods (do it right the first time). Adding lift/capability and retaining the rather nice stock hwy handling characteristics are what led to our setup. Been running the Radflo's for several years with no...
  13. Kuma632

    Nissan Photos - post your's

    ^Sweet rig, snowman! Looks like a nice build. I'm diggin' the Stars & Stripes decals. ~B
  14. Kuma632

    ExPo Nissan Registry

    x2 Nice rig, humz. Let's see a build thread. Gotta link? Thx. ~Ben
  15. Kuma632

    Hidden Gems on Cedar Creek, Willamette NF, OR

    Thanks for posting, Scott. Beautiful images as usual. Man, I need to get out more. Truly an inspiration! Bless ~B
  16. Kuma632

    2011 nissan frontier pro4x mild expedition build

    Really looking forward to seeing this build come along! That's a nice truck cap. I am leaning towards the Leer. How do you like it? And the windoors? ~Thx
  17. Kuma632

    Ski/Board Storage for Truck Bed

    ^Awesome Idea!
  18. Kuma632

    Ski/Board Storage for Truck Bed

    Nice to see action in the winter sports thread! Good question, kid. I'm going to put a truck cap on the Frontier. One reason is for securing the skis/snowboards, etc. during winter trips. We mostly have such gear in their own ski/boardbags which help prevent them sliding around and whatnot...
  19. Kuma632

    Glamisdude's Do it all Frontier

    Nice Frontier, dude. I appreciate how your mods haven't sacrificed capability in any way, really . I'm going to put a truck cap on our '05 and considered incorporating a rack. How much weight do you figure the cap/rack combo can handle configured like that? Thx! Keep us updated. ~Ben