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    Nevada Trophy Signups End This Saturday

    Nevada Trophy February 16 - 19, 2022 - Entry is Now Open Classes include: 4WD SUV/Truck, with Low Range Transfer; Pre-Runner 2WD; CrossOver AWD About Nevada Trophy… NEVADA TROPHY is the GPS Navigational Rally Raid Adventure!
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    Nevada Trophy 2019

    The Nevada Trophy will be held December 5-7, 2019 in Northern Nevada east of Reno. This is limited to 30 entries. All makes allowed (must have low-range). Link to site for information and registration: Please ignore the November dates at the bottom of the flyer, thanks
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    FOR SALE - 1967 Land Rover Series iiA 109 NADA 4 Door

    Probably sold, but if not I had a friend contact me and he's interested in buying it if it is still available. Thanks.
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    Jaguar Land Rover a huge loser in potential new border tax

    I shay. I'm going to have to cut down on my Grey Poupon.
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    Discovery 5 offroad

    Those are in case you want to Disco......
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    New MANTEC Product for Discovery/LR 3/4 - Overhead Storage

    How long before you need a new headliner sliding stuff in and out of those?
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    RIP Muskyman

    Thanks again.
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    RIP Muskyman

    Thanks guys.
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    RIP Muskyman

    I don't know if any of you visit Discoweb but Muskyman over there passed away from brain cancer and a Go Fund Me has been set up for his daughter's college fund. Thom was a well liked Land Rover guy which is why I'm posting this around the community. Here is the link for the Go Fund Me. Here...
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    Land Rover Discovery 5 (LR5?) in the wild

    That's about my favorite thing on my P38 - the tailgate.
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    *SOLD* FS: Lightforce 240 pair + Amber and Clear Covers - $225 - SF,CA

    These are great lights. I bought a pair back in 2001. They've been on 3 Discos. I haven't even replaced the bulbs in them.
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    Big Decision for my Discovery 1

    My 96 5-Speed had 320k on it. I found a real clean 98 with 103k on it so I pulled all the off road gear off the 96 and put it on the 98 then put the stock bumpers and stuff on the 96 then sold it. I loved the 5-Speed off road but with the traffic in the Bay Area I was tired of shifting all the...
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    An LR3 on the Rubicon

    I'd imagine the best way to lift one of these would be portal axles. That way you could keep your driveline angles. I'd also imagine it would cost a fortune.
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    High Output Alternator options?

    I had an Odyssey PC1500 in my D1. Thought was instead of going for dual batteries I'd get one big one. It worked fine for about 3 months shy of 4 years and it crapped out. I bought it from Expedition Exchange. I sent it down and they send a new one, no hassle or questions asked. It's been about...
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    5 new Michelin XZL 255/100r16

    You've given me tire
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    Buying Advice on a Range Rover

    If you want to get an idea of how the L322's do off road here's a link to some YouTube Videos:
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    Some Moab Pictures

    Nice pics. Have you done a write up about your lift? If not it would be interesting.
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    Buying Advice on a Range Rover
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    Help with Range Rover parts... Marty Powell Giver of Last Rights to Fallen Rovers 270 576 7922 PT Schram via email at or via text at 260-804-0458 Paul Grant:
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    The best kind of hard decision - Advice

    CDL makes a big difference. Me and another guy went on a trail run years back. I had an 01 I left unlocked, he locked his 01. He had way less trouble getting up things.