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  1. AsltPnr54

    Land Rover 127 Battlefield Ambulance Camper Build

    Hi all, this will be an intro to my build thread on my Land Rover 127 Battlefield Ambulance which will be converted to a camper that will support my hobbies and travels. First up an intro to what I'm starting with. This is a 1990(?) Land Rover 127 Battlefield Ambulance built by Locomotors in...
  2. AsltPnr54

    Expeditioning in style - Blaser and H&H do Land Rover

    There is something to be said about an expedition rich in the good things in life. For most of us its the simple enjoyment of the campfire, friends, family but for those that can afford it there are the Land Rovers out there to cater to your 1st class expedition or safari. Cool to look at for...
  3. AsltPnr54

    Project Warhorse for wounded veterans Ok, so not really an expedition focused initiative but a good charity to support especially if custom bikes and/or giving something back to veterans are your thing.
  4. AsltPnr54

    Reynolds Boughton ex-MoD vehicles

    Anybody familiar with the British Reynolds Boughton vehicles available through UK government MoD auctions? There are some great deals to be had and some good looking starts for expedition vehicles. I am looking into something like this but know nothing about the company that makes them...
  5. AsltPnr54

    Superchips Vivid Paq

    I read alot of lukewarm reviews of Superchips ability to improve felt gains or mileage but this seems to hit many of the functions I am looking to install into the Jeep JK. Any experience with this model on any platform? It seems to do it all - GPS...