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  1. SC T100

    New to me Xterra...

    Nice rig! I just picked up an '09 Off Road and am in the middle of getting it up to par. I was thinking of going with the Duratracs as well. Did you get Cs or Es? And have you been happy with them on the X?
  2. SC T100

    WTB: '05/'06 Tundra DBL Cab 4x4

    Mine will be up for sale shortly. 2005 Double Cab 4WD w/ 201K miles. Southern truck (no rust or rot). Drivetrain is well maintained since I bought it two years ago; timing belt (aisin kit), drivebelt and pulleys (Gates kit), and lower and upper OEM balljoints all within the last year. Rancho...
  3. SC T100

    TundraBirds Go! Picture Thread for Tundras and T-100s

    Well, my first post in this thread was almost ten (!) years ago, but sadly since Photobucket nuked everything my old T100 photo isn't there anymore. But this is the "new" beasty...2005 Tundra DC 4WD. Picked it up in early 2018 with 190K and desperately needing some maintenance. It's pretty well...
  4. SC T100


    Use the 4th gen for towing and use the money saved on the 3rd Gen full regear for the refresh on the 4th gen. I had a 98 T100 with the 5-speed/3.4/4x4 drivetrain and it wasn't a tow monster. Even empty it struggled with modern speeds in the mountains near Asheville. If you do go with the 3rd...
  5. SC T100

    Not sure where I fit in.... Toyota Van thread.

    I think you mean shevanigans! Really great rig, love it.
  6. SC T100

    Trailscape's 06 Tundra

    How do you like the 265/70R17 size? I've got 275/70R17s and while I've never driven my truck on anything else, it seems like it's a bit too tall for the gearing.
  7. SC T100

    New shoes for my Taco...Need recommendations

    Just a quick note: SL ratings tend to be the P-sized tires. C-rage tires are still a step up in weight/sidewall layers.
  8. SC T100


    Might explain the full Line-X paintjob, too.
  9. SC T100

    2000 Toyota Tundra

    Man, how heavy is the boat? I got 9mpgs towing at or close to max (built Jeep Cherokee rock crawler with the interior filled with stuff on a U-Haul flatbed trailer, with three people and road trip stuff) on a longish trip not too long ago. Southeast areas, so long rolling hills and lots of...
  10. SC T100

    Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.

    Did you account for the actual distance traveled versus the odometer? I'd find it hard to believe tires alone will knock off 4.5 mpgs.
  11. SC T100

    Toyota 4.0 v6 0w20 oil? ******?

    Huh! So I could run 0W-20 or 5W-20, or 5W-30 (what I run now) (and presumably 0W-30) in my 4.7? I wonder what that would do for MPG. Less viscosity and more flow at operating temps seems like a winner. But...I'm a bit old-school in running what is spec'd in the manual. I did, however, run...
  12. SC T100

    Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.

    My new old truck. 2005 Tundra DC 4WD. It's been a surprisingly great truck so far for the year or so I've had it and the mileage (bought at 190K, now around 197K).
  13. SC T100

    Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.

    Love the Fortuner. And man, would I love a set of those wheels on my first-gen Tundra.
  14. SC T100

    2005 Tundra novice build - "The Rez"

    Do you have your sway bar connected, and if so, is it with the stock end links? After my lift I was getting terrible pops an creaks, and it was the end links. I replaced mine with SuspensionMaxx extended length end links and the noises all went away.
  15. SC T100

    What would you add to New 4 runner?

    Then you're set! I also agree with the suggestions regarding Weathertech mats and seat covers, and of course seat time to see what you actually end up needing.
  16. SC T100

    BFG KM3 road pressure

    That's about what I aim for on my 05 Doublecab 4WD, too. I have 275/70R17 E-rated KO2s. I think 40-45 is gonna rattle you pretty good.
  17. SC T100

    Why aren't more tacoma owners up in arms about their trucks?

    I'm guessing the answer to the thread title is something like: "Because most Tacoma owners are likely happy with their trucks." There are tons of them on the road around my area. It's probably another example of real world vs. forum/niche world.