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  1. yonah

    Wanted: Small expo trailer (Ruger, VMI, Chaser, etc.) (Northern VA)

    Hitting pause on this search due to an unforeseen career opportunity that I’ll be undertaking over the next year. Unfortunately, I will not have much time to devote to camping/outdoor activities for awhile. Thanks for those who reached out. —- ExPo, I’m in the market for a small...
  2. yonah

    SOLD: ARB 63 Quart Fridge Freezer (Mebane, NC)

    ********SOLD******** ARB 63 Quart Fridge Freezer (w/ AC wall power cable and 12v car socket cable) Location: Mebane, NC (I live close to I-40, just west of Raleigh) Price: $600 --- I'm listing my ARB 63 Quart Fridge Freezer for sale. These are very popular and well-known within this...
  3. yonah

    SOLD!!! Blue Ridge Overland Gear (BROG) lot

    I’ve streamlined my kit and have a few BROG items that I no longer need. They’ve all been in use for a couple years, so there is some wear here and there: -Beard Tamer (toiletry bag / hygiene kit). -Visor Molle organizer (regular size) -12x5 Flat Pouch (perfect for organizing phone chargers...
  4. yonah

    2011 Land Cruiser - white/tan, rust-free

    ExPo, I posted my 200-series Land Cruiser on Mud and want to link it here as well: --- Make/Model: Toyota Land Cruiser VIN: JTMHY7AJ9B4005253 Mileage: 131,9xx Color: white (Super White)...
  5. yonah

    F150 Decked system for sale in NC - $350!

    I have no affiliation with this ad, but want to pass it along to fellow ExPo members. I spotted this today while thumbing through Offer Up. For sale in Arden, NC - near Asheville. This is a steal of a price.
  6. yonah

    '12 Toyota Tacoma TRD-Sport 4x4 - turn-key, tasteful overland/touring built + RTT

    ***SOLD*** --- A few teaser shots (please check out the Google Drive for many more photos): --- The CARFAX vehicle-specific private sale Blue Book value for this truck is $23,200 (this report assesses the vehicle based upon its condition, accident-free history, maintenance history, etc.)...
  7. yonah

    CL find: 2 x ARB Drawers RD945/RDRF945 in Raleigh, NC

    I spotted these on CL. - NO AFFILIATION. - Link:
  8. yonah

    Free (you pay shipping) - ARB drawer side plastic trim

    I purchased a secondhand set of ARB drawers last year and ordered two new sets of plastic trim to freshen them up. After waiting a little over six months for the parts to arrive, I realized that ARB sent me the wrong trim pieces (for a slightly shorter drawer model). They made it right and air...
  9. yonah

    Coleman Two-Burner Stove for sale (El Paso, TX)

    Coleman Two-Burner stove...
  10. yonah

    I'm considering the Front Runner Footwell Water Tank...

    ExPo, I've been considering the FR Footwell Water Tank for some time ( It seems to be a decent water storage solution for my double cab Tacoma. I usually spend 3-4 days in the bush at a...
  11. yonah

    4 x 16x7 OEM Toyota Tacoma steel spare wheels (oval hole)

    $120 I have four 16x7 OEM Toyota Tacoma steel spare wheels. These are the variants with the oval hole adjacent to the valve stem. All are straight with no damage. As most of you know, these will fit other Toyota and similar vehicles that share the Toyota 6-lug wheel pattern. I am also...
  12. yonah

    2 x ARB folding camp chairs

    Sold to Roaddude. --- I've decided to list my two ARB camping chairs for sale. They're about six months old and in great shape. I'm simply reworking my gear set up. One chair had a small burn mark in the material. It looks like a cigarette burn, but it's actually from a hot pebble that was...
  13. yonah

    Front Runner Slanted Water Tank + hose kit

    SOLD!!! --- This is a great water tank. I picked it up thinking it would fit my needs, but sadly it doesn't. I've filled it with warm water three times and flushed it to rid the "plasticky" taste these have when new. I then used it for one weekend outing. Included is FR's hose kit. I...
  14. yonah

    BajaRack Axe/Shovel Mounts - for sale

    ***SOLD*** - - - The PO of my truck installed these on the basket-style BajaRack that was mounted on my truck when I bought it in 2014. I have since removed and sold the rack. I used these mounts to secure my axe and shovel in the bed of the Tacoma using the factory bed rails. Once I...
  15. yonah

    Are any vendors running a special on ARB 37 quart fridges?

    I'm in the market for an ARB 37 quart fridge. Most vendors online offer them at about the same price with free shipping. Are any of you guys tracking a vendor that is throwing in a free transit bag or remote temp monitor, etc..? I've seen online retailers do this from time to time. Thanks...
  16. yonah

    ARB 50 quart Fridge Freezer FS/FT

    SOLD!!! ExPo, I'm listing my ARB 50 quart Fridge Freezer for sale. It's a few months old and I've used it on a handful of trips with no issues. The fridge, both charging cables, interior basket, and original box are all included. Specs from ARB...
  17. yonah

    White SnugPro industrial camper shell for Tacoma 6' bed - El Paso, TX

    I saw this on CL. I have no affiliation. -
  18. yonah

    This water tank almost fits my set up - thinking about modifying its shape...

    I have some unused space between the front of my Tacoma's bed and the front of my ARB drawers. I'd like to slide this Front Runner water tank in that location to utilize the space: -...
  19. yonah

    Matchbox Flippac Tacoma

    I saw this posted on an Overland themed Facebook group and want to share it here. As a side note, I'm definitely grabbing one next time I'm at Target (where the FB OP said he found it) for desk bling at work :) - Cheers,