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  1. Cruiser79

    12 Volt supply or charger for truckcamper

    In my shadowcruiser there is an old converter installed where you can switch between battery and 230-12V converter. I don't really trust the thing because it's making strange noise and it is heating up. Besides that it doesn't charge the batteries, so it only works when you're at shore power...
  2. Cruiser79

    Renault TRM2000

    Does anyone know the vehicles? Looks like a low-budget Unimog, built by the french. Few weeks back I was in Surinam and saw a lot of these trucks. They look quite basic and they have portal axles! Locals use them to supply the small mine sites in the middle of the jungle. Should be a nice base...
  3. Cruiser79

    Shadowcruiser tips and advice

    Quite nearby there is a '95 earthcruiser for sale. I haven't been there yet for checking it but from the pictures it looks okay, not rotten or wet. It might be a good replacement for my sixpac hard sided camper. The sixpac is too high, and I want to carry canoes or surfboards on the roof. When I...
  4. Cruiser79

    Stretched Landcruiser 79 double cab

    Found this one on the internet, first time I've ever seen a double cab like this! Have anyone seen this before? I think it looks quite good when you lift it, mount 285/75 R16 and put a canopy on the back!
  5. Cruiser79

    Tacoma engines

    A few years ago I visited Canada, and from then I 've been in love with the tacoma's! But unfortunately there aren't Tacoma's at all in Europe... Offcourse it is possible to import a Canadian or American Tacoma, but I think there are only petrol Tacoma's. And with petrol prices over € 1,60 per...
  6. Cruiser79

    Flat bed pop-up or not?

    Hi there, I'm quite new on this forum, but I like to read about all the different types of truck campers for a while now. As you can see from my language skills I'm not English or American, but Dutch... Hopefully you will understand me a little bit. At the moment I have a 1996 Sixpac truck...