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  1. bjp

    New All Terrain Tire from Nokian, Outpost AT

    I can’t find the Rockproof on their website, so I guess it is gone. I guess I lied when I said the Outpost AT is the only AT on the Nokian site. They also have the Outpost APT, and it looks like you can still get the Rotiiva in one size (LT265/70r17). But *I can’t* get any Nokian AT tire other...
  2. bjp

    New All Terrain Tire from Nokian, Outpost AT

    Well, I looked and the Rotiiva is listed as “discontinued” on the Discount Tire website, so I went to the Nokian website, where I saw the Outpost is the only all terrain that they have listed. Guess that answers my question.
  3. bjp

    New All Terrain Tire from Nokian, Outpost AT

    Very interesting. Those do look quite different than the Rotiivas. Despite being pretty hesitant, I ended up going with the Rotiiva after getting my new Tundra back in the fall. On paper, it seemed like the best compromise all the way around. Boy was that the right move. They have been awesome...
  4. bjp

    Interesting take on vehicle modification

    I think what Royj is saying is that none of your examples show where a person overloaded their vehicle and then got sued (successfully) by the person they ran over, or by that person’s insurance carrier. Why would you think he was asking for a case where Jeep sued a Jeep owner because the Jeep...
  5. bjp

    The Status of Overlanding Today

    just like “bike packing” used to be called “touring”…… I know it’s just words, but some of this kind of stuff just irritates the ******** outta me.
  6. bjp

    Perfect off-highway tire = LTX? What?

    If you’re willing to go up another half inch, the Defenders are available in 265/70r18.
  7. bjp

    winter tires when I live where it snows a lot but also plan to go to the desert?

    I live is SW Colorado, where we used to get a lot of snow. I absolutely hated the regular Cooper AT3 in snow. Way more slipping and sliding than other tires I’ve run, no matter what kind of snow it was. The Hankook Dynapro ATM was always pretty good for me, and the Yokohama G015 was pretty good...
  8. bjp

    Tire recommendation needed for ride quality and mild offroading

    Very similar to the Michelin Defender LTX (tread style) is the Kumho Crugen HT51, available in both P- and LT- designations. This tire does carry the 3PMSF designation. I had a set on my old Tundra, but only long enough for me to put maybe 1000 completely silent, stable miles on them. Mostly...
  9. bjp

    Anyone out there running an Aluminum Contractor Topper?

    I've had an ARE DCU for a few years now. I've got minor complaints, but nothing major. I currently have a Yakima basket and rocket box on top of mine. Adding anything to the factory ladder rack calls for a little rigging. Hopefully, the pictures let you see well enough. I used hose clamps to...
  10. bjp

    $379 to change at timing belt at the Toyota dealer?

    I know dealer service centers like to do things like take a loss on oil changes and similar services to get folks coming in the door regularly, but that's not usually the case with real labor/service items. I had my timing belt/water pump/tension pulleys/etc done last year by a local...
  11. bjp

    High mileage preventative maintenance

    yes, it is silly. many of the parts you would replace are just as likely to make it to 250k or (likely?) more. if you trust your mechanic, listen to him. if you don't, find one that you do trust.
  12. bjp

    journalists drive the 2016 Tacoma

    seriously? will they also come with a dedicated MySpace terminal in the dashboard?
  13. bjp

    journalists drive the 2016 Tacoma

    it's not really a *new* 3.5L V6, is it? I've seen that expression several places now. Surely it is the same efficient, powerful 3.5 that the Sienna has had for a decade now, with a little truck-specific tuning?
  14. bjp

    1987 toyota 4x4 22RE

    you can definitely beat that asking price, by a long shot. as for the 22re, I had a 93 (2wd) pickup with the 22re. Delivered to me with 36 miles on the odometer. I decided to sell it after turning over 300,000. 18 years later, and I just wanted something with 4wd (and am absolutely in love...
  15. bjp

    What do you monitor with your Scangauge2?

    I use DashCommand on my iPhone, so I assume it will work on an iPad. I forget which OBDII device/wifi-transmitter I have. I don't use it very often, but it has reams of information when I do plug it in and set it up.
  16. bjp

    Long term durability

    man, I can't even buy just the oil for 20 bucks around here.
  17. bjp

    97' T100 Traveler Build

    If you're looking to live in your truck, I would be looking to get something taller than the Leer 122 you mentioned. Any extra height is worth a lot when you are treating the truck bed as a home. I don't know how much you'd be looking to pay for a new 122 in your area, but new toppers are...
  18. bjp

    Tundra.... Would you switch from a new Ram Powerwagon?

    The one thing that really surprises me on that graph is the score/figure/value for Isuzu. Never doubted they are good automobiles, but I NEVER see them on the road. Would not have expected that. edit/add: I am specifically referring to the "ratio of vehicles over 180k" graph
  19. bjp

    Winter Tire Questions (5th Gen 4Runner)

    funny thing about that is that I see pretty much everybody that runs them keeps them on all year here. For that matter, about 2/3 of the SUVs or Subarus with snow tires run them all year, too, regardless of specific snow tire choice. Must be that $ thing I mentioned above, or just general...
  20. bjp

    Winter Tire Questions (5th Gen 4Runner)

    I am an obsessive tire observer. When walking the dogs, I look at the tires on every single car/truck/SUV I pass. Around here (SW CO), the most common winter tire I see on trucks and SUVs is the Hankook i-pike RW, with the Blizzak DM-V1 a very close second. More Hankooks on 4-runners...