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  1. whododat

    Spare tire to factory roof rails

    Has anyone secured their spare tire to the factory roof rails? If so, how did you do it safely? Thanks in advance.
  2. whododat

    Detours of Maine Contact

    I have sent them a message through their website twice. I do not use facebook so I cannot send a message that way. Is there a phone number for this place? I need a tire carrier for my GX and have not received a reply yet. I was hoping somebody here might have contact with them somehow. Thanks...
  3. whododat

    FREE in NJ *** 18 inch OEM Rim to 2019 Ram 1500 Big Horn Crew Cab***

    I live in Union County, NJ and can leave it on my front porch. I ordered it to mount a full size spare but never got around to it. It is in fantastic shape and free to a good home. I will send pics to anyone interested.
  4. whododat

    FCA recall on alot of vehicles

    Just a heads up. Fiat/Chrysler has announced a recall on numerous vehicles and is saying not to use cruise control until you get your vehicle re-programmed.