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  1. NikonRon

    For Sale: Solarboost 3000i, Bluesea #7622 ACR

    BlueSky Solarboost 3000i mppt solar charge controller $125.00 shipped Bluesea #7622 ACR auto charging relay $100.00 shipped
  2. NikonRon

    SOLD:For Sale: Blue Sky Solar Boost 3000i , Ctek D250sa, Progressive Dynamics charger

    Upgraded my system to lithium and no longer need these. Blue Sky Solar Boost 3000i $150.00 shipped to lower 48 Ctek D250sa $200.00 shipped to lower 48 Progressive Dynamics PD9245c charger $75.00 shipped to lower 48
  3. NikonRon

    Front Runner Roof Rack

    Front Runner Roof Rack 46" wide x 62" long with 6 short mounting feet. I had it mounted on a Leer topper that had the Thule tracks. Located in Owensboro, Ky. $450.00 shipped in continental US or $400.00 picked up. Normal scratches from use. Also has sail rail mounted on rear where I...
  4. NikonRon

    Fuse needed

    Do I need a fuse between my 150 watt panel and Blue Sky 3000 MPPT charge controller? If so how do I size it. Ron
  5. NikonRon

    EizeeAwn 1600 T-top Xklusiv

    EizeeAwn 1600 T-top Xklusiv with annex and floor. Only slept in about 10 nights so basicly new and has LED lighting inside and out. Annex has never been used.Pick up in Owensboro, Ky or can deliver to Denver area around March. $2400.00
  6. NikonRon

    For sale/ complete Tacoma set up

    Leer 100XQ , Pyrite Mica for long bed Tacoma w/ LED and halogen lighting, Thule tracks, carpeted headliner,gear net, EizeeAwn 1600 T-top Xklusiv with annex only slept in about 10 nights so basicly new and has LED lighting inside and out. Platform and drawer system with Bed rug mat. Pick up in...
  7. NikonRon

    Proper transport of handgun thru California

    Like the title says, what is the safest or legal way to carry a handgun while traveling in California. I will be in a Tacoma with a Leer shell on it. I'm thinking with ammo and clips separate. It's a Glock 23, not that it makes any difference. Thanks, Ron
  8. NikonRon

    LowePro Orion AW to good home

    I have a LowePro Orion AW camera bag in excellent condition. Color is blue and black. Reimburse the shipping to you and its yours. Also have a Slumberjack quallofil camp pillow, its small for backpacking. Don't remember ever using it, same deal on it...
  9. NikonRon

    Howling Moon or Eezi-Awn

    Which one would you purchase and why. How much difference is there? Ron
  10. NikonRon

    Most popular CB trail channel

    Like the title says, what are most of you using on the trail. I travel solo but do have a radio and if needed what channel is most desired and used. Thanks, Ron
  11. NikonRon

    North Face Expedition 36

    [U]SOLD[/U] Like the title says, I have one and will offer it here before putting on Ebay. It has been slept in one night right here on the farm. It is as new as you will find. I do not have pics and don't really want to set it up for pics. If anyone is interested contact me. $400.00 shipped...
  12. NikonRon

    Scepters flat on roof rack

    Anyone hauling scepters laying flat on a roof rack or see any problem with doing so? Mostly just for decreased height and wind resistance. Ron
  13. NikonRon

    Warn Roller Fairlead/ 5/16x100ft wire line Free to good home

    Just mounted new Warn M8000 and do not have any use for the roller and wire line. Items are brand new, never installed. Located in Owensboro,Ky. I know someone can use these items, you pay the shipping and they are free to good home. Merry Christmas! Warn Roller Fairlead Free + shipping from...
  14. NikonRon

    Wab Fab

    Anyone ever have a problem with this company? I ordered a slider adapter for my Hi Lift jack back in December and have not recieved it as of yet. At one time they told me they would ship after the first of the year but I have yet to recieve it. Sent an email a few days ago and got no response...
  15. NikonRon

    Ram Suction Cup Mounts

    How well do the Ram suction cup mounts adhere to glass (windshield)? Anyone have problems with them falling off? I have a Garmin Streetpilot III that I would like to use one with. Thanks in advance, Ron
  16. NikonRon

    Laptop shelf

    I have a Leer shell on my 2009 Tacoma and would like to fabricate a small shelf for the laptop that would just clip in to the factory bedrails. Would like to be able to move it to any location along the rails also. Any ideas? The shelf itself will be simple enough, its the mounting that gets a...