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    Would Make an Interesting Build

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    For Sale: Storm Im2200 Cases

    I have a few Storm Im2200 Cases that I've used on my boat to keep gear dry and protected. I'm moving to larger cases and need to get rid of these. Great condition on the inside, plenty of scratches on the outside from riding in the boat and in the bed of my truck to and from the boat ramp. These...
  3. Every Miles A Memory

    Desert Tan Nikon

    Anyone seen this guys Nikon that he painted himself? I'm guessing if either Canon or Nikon offered this at an upgraded option, the waiting list would be through the roof Looks...
  4. Every Miles A Memory

    Tropical Storm Blows Through Cedar Key

    I'm sure you've all seen all the news reports over the last few weeks. Crazy that some sections of the country are burning up while others are getting drenched with Tropical Storms. We were lucky enough to have Tropical Storm Debby blow through our area which helped replenish our depleted...
  5. Every Miles A Memory

    REVIEW: Aquapac iPad Waterproof Cover

    Having an iPad, you get used to its convenience for just about everything you do. From reading books to using the tablet to navigating via Google Earth. We've been doing lots of Photography Tours on the water lately, and while on the boat, we've found that the iPad is a great tool to bring...
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    VW Van/Camper 4x4

    Found this off the Go-Westy Site. Never seen one before. Looks like a pretty cool truck, especially since it's 4x4 and a TDI LINK No affiliation just thought I'd share
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    AWESOME Custom Camper Build

    A friend sent me this, and although it has nothing to do with Expeditioning, its such an awesome build, I figured most members would enjoy looking at it Linky Here is an image linked off the build site!
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    Pelican 1510 REVIEW

    This is our latest addition to our ever growing list of camera bags. We've pretty much narrowed our bags down that were using while on dry land, (Check out our other reviews back on the Product Review Page), but we've slowly been amassing a collection of Pelican boxes to go out with us while on...
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    What to do when you're bored in an empty airport Okay this video has no real educational value at all but I really enjoyed it. Larry Chen and Joe Ayala, two drifting photographers and videographers for Tandem of Die, recently were stuck overnight at the Dallas Fort-Worth Airport. Instead of trying to sleep on the...
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    Stuff People Say to Photographers

    I've had every one of these said to me at some point :drool:
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    Birds in Flight Practice

    It seems our last few weeks have been a non-stop blur of activity around our place here in Cedar Key Florida. I was jonesing to get some time behind the camera but we're too busy right now to take a day off and head out on the water. Although we've both promised one another that we're going to...
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    Difference between Jpeg vs. RAW explained

    This video explains why you should always be shooting in RAW capture over Jpeg. So many people ask why we only shoot in RAW and if it really makes that much of a difference.... Watch This Video
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    Wallpapering the Inside of your Camper

    We were at the Tin Can Tourists show and saw this old Airstream. Being as I'm addicted to maps, this would be the coolest Wallpaper I could ever think of! Heck if I owned a house, I'd probably do this to my office walls
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    How Not To Pull Your Truck Out of the Ice

    Never Thought This would have happened, but then again I have no idea why they were pulling it out like this?? Turn your volume down if you're at work or have little ones around because everyone is swearing in the background of the video
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    Most EPIC video EVAR!!

    This is beyond amazing! I never knew some of these sports even existed!! yer_embedded%26version%3d3
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    Who Knew They Made Make-Up

    This is so funny!!! Ok, I must bbe dumb because it wont show the video, but here is the link if a mod can embed it for me?
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    FS: KORE G.A.S.S. Clipless MTB Pedals

    I have a set of KORE GASS Clipless Pedals (Color: Yellow) that I've had sitting in a toolbox for a few years. Starting to lighten the load on some items and gear and thought "Why am I keeping these?" When I bought my last bike, these came on the bike but I was already using Shimano XTR...
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    FS: Sigma 15mm f/2.8 Fisheye - Canon Mount

    I'm selling my Sigma 15mm f/2.8 Fisheye lens. $350 obo Lens is used, with the typical finish rubbing off as is common with most Sigma lenses. Glass is in perfect condition both front and back and the lens performs like new Have all the hoods and caps that came with it, but cant find the box...
  19. Every Miles A Memory

    FS: Vehicle Dependent Expedition Guide - 2nd Edition

    Selling my mint condition Expedition Guide $100 o.b.o + Shipping. This is the 2nd edition (yellow) import from UK. Written by Tom Sheppard. 2003 Re-print.
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    06' drz400sm

    Selling my 2006 Suzuki DRZ400SM - $3000 to me Bike runs great. Has a C-Baileys windshiled that can be taken off or put back on with one allen wrench and 4 bolts in about 5 minutes. Blocks the cold wind on your chest when riding in the cooler months. Rear hatch has quick release to take on...