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  1. Ranchero

    Tembo Tusk Fridge slide XL

    XL Tembo Tusk fridge slide. Good condition. Used inside for a couple years in my van. Inside of tray measures 20" *34" $495 new. $325. Would be a pain to ship, but I'll be traveling to Bellingham, WA, Oregon coast, Moab, Santa Fe in the next 3-8 weeks if you want to meet. Located in Salida, CO
  2. Ranchero

    WTB: Nemo Asashi

    Looking for a Nemo Asashi in good condition...
  3. Ranchero

    Power Tank mount and handle

    It ain't pretty, but it is perfectly functional. Steel Power Tank mount and aluminum handle. How about $50 plus shipping? [/url]r5vHCURNSM+R%I9aWg1T1A by Steve Stewart, on Flickr[/IMG]
  4. Ranchero

    Garmin 60Csx with maps and accessories

    Hi - I have a Garmin 60Csx in great shape. Includes 24k US Southwest Topo and City Navigator for all of North America. Windshield suction mount, handlebar mount, power cord and manual. $140 shipped. [/url]UaskKelsRim22sTSkhbDXA by Steve Stewart, on Flickr[/IMG] [/url]fullsizeoutput_862 by...
  5. Ranchero

    2006 Sportsmobile RB31 4x4 MGMetalWorks/UJOR Super Clean

    2006 Sportsmobile RB31 4x4 Ford E350. 61,700 miles 5.4 gas V8 MG Metalworks/Ujoint Off-Road 4x4 swap done with all the best components Front Dana 60 with 4.30s and 14.29" brakes, Dynatrac hubs (no unit bearings!), Dynatrac balljoints Rear Sterling 10.5 with 4.30 limited slip. Aluminess front and...
  6. Ranchero

    Project Velcro Sneakers: A Sportsmobile/MG Metalworks/UJOR build

    A few years ago I got tired of telecommuting and decided to take a straight job in a town three hours away. I live in paradise and knew that I didn't want to move, so I rented an apartment, which I stay(ed) in 2-3 nights per week for 8 months of the year. That lasted two years and then I got...
  7. Ranchero

    WTB: Aluminess Box

    Looking for Aluminess Galley or Deluxe box
  8. Ranchero

    4x4 Chevy van with 4BT

    No connection, but local to me.
  9. Ranchero

    Kelly Kettle, Large Aluminum

    Large aluminum kit, complete except for pot support (available from Kelly for $6 Used only to test in the backyard. $65 shipped lower 48. Steve Salida, CO
  10. Ranchero

    Mountain Hardwear Trango 4, 4-person, 4-season tent. Like new.

    I have a 2013 Mountain Hardwear Trango 4 tent and footprint for sale. Has been used two dry nights. Perfect condition. These tents are bomber - can withstand heavy snow and wind and you can sleep peacefully inside. This is my second Trango 4 tent. I had the first for about 10 years and hundreds...
  11. Ranchero

    Wanted: Nemo Asashi tent and garage.

    Looking for a Nemo Asashi tent and garage. Steve
  12. Ranchero

    FZJ80 FJ80 Storage Platform

    Super simple and stout storage platform for FJ80s. Made of 1/4" plate aluminum. Attaches using factory 3rd row seat mounts and two additional bolts. Easily removable. Can use either full or half platform if you need to use one of the third row seats. Has multiple attachment points to lash your...
  13. Ranchero

    ARB rack for FZJ80, FJ80, FJ60, FJ62 in Colorado

    ARB 73x49 rack with mesh floor and install kit for FJ80s, FJ60s and other vehicles that have rain gutters. Also includes two bike mounts, two kayak mounts (great for lumber hauling too), and a super custom shower mount :). Good condition, but has normal wear (paint scuffs). $700 OBO. Don't...
  14. Ranchero

    Recalled to life: my 80 (re)build thread

    I've had my 80 (1996) 2.5 years now and haven't had much to contribute for a build thread. I bought the truck from my friend John who did all the good, fun, and expensive stuff and sold it to me. When I got it it look like it had been hit with a Slee truck - a full complement of armor- bumpers...
  15. Ranchero

    For those considering 255/85/16s...ST/MAXX is coming soon

    For those considering 255/85/16s... I just got this email from Cooper Tire in my response to questions about ST/MAXX availability in 285/75/16 and 255/85/16 sizes: "We currently have about 3700 tires on back order, and are producing over 1000 tires per week. So it looks like about four to five...
  16. Ranchero

    Off-road durability of Cooper A/T3 ?

    I'm sure Cooper's A/T3 is just fine for light off-road, but does anyone have any experience with continued exposure to rocky trails (Colorado passes, Baja, Moab)? I've been leaning toward ST/Maxx to replace my MTRs, but they are on backorder now. BTW, my MTRs have been great tires, but they are...
  17. Ranchero

    WTB Howling Moon Stargazer 1.6m

    Anyone interested in selling their Howling Moon Stargazer 1.6 or 2.4 meter?