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  1. Every Miles A Memory

    EarthRoamer XV-JP "Northwest Edition"

    Two for two with that!! And we all have scrap zebra wood lying around......:)
  2. Every Miles A Memory

    Abandoned/derelict sites

    If that was near me Rattler, I'd go back with a model and combine the two beauties
  3. Every Miles A Memory

    Canadians... What's it really like?

    I'd probably look into moving to one of the border states. It would be cost-prohibitive to move to Canada compared to moving to one of the US States like Montana, Wyoming, Idaho or even Upper Michigan. Loads of outdoor activities, little development and very lax gun laws. I was just talking to...
  4. Every Miles A Memory

    What is an "Arsenal"

    That's putting it lightly Call it what you want!! I call that making me think "Damn, I need a few more ammo boxes filled" :)
  5. Every Miles A Memory

    What is an "Arsenal"

    The media would go crazy with AUTOMATIC AMMUNITION
  6. Every Miles A Memory

    Interesting convo I had "Which would you rather have?"

    Too many variables? What is the outcome of the photos? Are you just a hobbiest and posting these to your travel diaries/blog? Are you planning on selling any of them or submitting them to editorial? Phones do some outstanding images these days, but few can be enlarged larger than an 8x10 or...
  7. Every Miles A Memory


    I've also had issues with mine if I'm using 147g ammo. They seem to like the heavier loads. I havent done it yet, but every forum or person I talk with about the issues says to upgrade up to an Adjustable Gas Block and it'll solve the issues
  8. Every Miles A Memory


    Looks like a sweet little rig. I did the same thing about 5 years ago. Bought a little skiff a friend of mine had sitting in his yard for a few years. Little by little, I threw money at it when I had it available, and now it's the best boat around. They're fun projects. Keep the pictures coming
  9. Every Miles A Memory

    The AR-15

    Notice the spent casing at her knuckles. This is also an AR-10, so a little more Ummph
  10. Every Miles A Memory

    The AR-15

    King_Palm, that's a nice looking set-up. Especially like the helmet with NV Goggles
  11. Every Miles A Memory

    Random Scenic Shots

    That White Rim shot is outstanding
  12. Every Miles A Memory

    Random dog shots

    This is Little, she's a Chorkie, 1/2 Chihuahua, 1/2 Yorkie, she's just a rescue that is only 3lbs that thinks she's all of 100lb and according to her, she's a bull mastif. This is her on the bow of our boat howling at her clan
  13. Every Miles A Memory


    Suwannee River Florida Manatee in Weekie Watchie River Florida Moon Rise over Cedar Key Florida
  14. Every Miles A Memory

    Random Scenic Shots

    Suwannee River Reflections Trip Report here =
  15. Every Miles A Memory

    Kitchen Kit/Chuck Box

    My Gosh, that's almost too purty to get dirtied up in the back of a truck!!
  16. Every Miles A Memory

    Simple kind of van, a 2006 e150 build thread.

    Is this one going to have a rack for a Moto too?
  17. Every Miles A Memory

    Lets see some full size pictures...

    That is one sweet looking set-up right there!!