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  1. clcoyle

    Project Titan

    Project Titan will air on Veterans Day November 11, 2014 on the History Channel. This crowd-sourced build project started last year as a way to inject some excitement into the full-size Titan. The Nissan truck team was testing and...
  2. clcoyle

    MotorWeek - Land Rover Expedition America Tackling the Trans-America Trail - SIAP

    Albeit a short piece on the trial, it was interesting to see how much time, energy and effort went into documenting the Trans-America trail
  3. clcoyle

    The Built world without Us!

    Beautiful Photos of the Modern Ruins of Abandoned Detroit symbolizing the dramatic decline of Motor City, many buildings and structures in the former manufacturing mecca of Detroit, Mich. lay in crumbling and weather-beaten ruins.
  4. clcoyle

    Panoramic Photography

    These are amazing gigapixel images. The detail and image quality is outstanding but if you look at their portfolio it's scary to grasp amount of detail and crowd source information they are able to obtain from the sporting events they cover.
  5. clcoyle

    Panamericana 2013… living in a car for 555 days

    I ran into these travelers today in San Clemente. What a wonderful couple.
  6. clcoyle

    2013 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest

    Some amazing photographs
  7. clcoyle

    Inflatable Solar Light = LuminAID

    Don't know if you all have seen these before but they look pretty cool. The LuminAID inflatable solar light was designed as a solution to the need for light post natural disasters, specifically the January 2010 earthquake in Haiti. Designers Anna Stor and Andrea Sreshta were on a school trip...
  8. clcoyle

    The 2013 Earth & Sky Photo Contest Winners

    The World at Night' reveals beauty — and a dark side Selected from submissions by photographers in about 45 countries, the winners of 2013 Earth and Sky Photo Contest display the beauties of night sky and its battle with light pollution...
  9. clcoyle

    WTB: ARB 63 Quart Fridge Freezer

    Looking to buy a used ARB 63 Quart Fridge Freezer, Manufacturer Part No: 10800602 for my Truck. This is the lower height profile with the Product Attributes: Footprint Length (inches) 33.27 Footprint Width (inches) 17.72 Footprint Height (inches) 16.85 If anyone is looking to offload a...
  10. clcoyle

    New Book: Serpentine by Mark Laita

    I saw this book at the bookstore and thought the images were extremely captivating and the story of the photographer is pretty amazing as well. He survived a black mamba bite while on assignment for this book.
  11. clcoyle

    FS: 1970 FJ40 Toyota Land Cruiser

    Not mine, but saw this on the way home from work today, just down the street from where I live. I don't know the selling price but the phone number is listed below if interested.
  12. clcoyle

    Emergency Communications Demonstration June 23-24 - Laguna Beach, CA

    Laguna Beach's amateur radio operators (Hams) will set-up and operate several solar powered radio stations for 24 hours from 11 AM Saturday 23, June until 11 AM Sunday, June 24. The stations, operating under Laguna's own call sign, "N6L" will be located on the fire road between Moulton...
  13. clcoyle

    Week in Pictures.....Wide load

    Men use ropes to try and right a supply truck overloaded with wheat straw along a road in Dargai, in the Malakand district, about 100 miles northwest of Pakistan's capital Islamabad, on April 13.
  14. clcoyle sale pretty good deal on

    the Goal Zero Extreme 350 Adventure Kit. $363
  15. clcoyle

    WTB: Used Apple MacBook

    I have a PowerBook G4 (2004) and in order to use iCloud, since MobleMe is going away June 30th, I need to upgrade to Lion, which my older Motorola chip doesn't support. So I am looking to see if anyone has an older MacBook (pro or air) that they would be willing to sell. Let me know. Thanks...
  16. clcoyle

    Radical Camera With New Focus

    Lytro's revolutionary new camera reinvents the point-and-shoot camera, allowing you to focus or refocus your photographs after you take them.
  17. clcoyle

    The Best in Global Photography

    National Geographic announces winners of global photography contest Some great images here
  18. clcoyle

    New Book "Age of Silver: Encounters With Great Photographers"

    John Loengard’s new book, Age of Silver: Encounters With Great Photographers, which celebrates, through Loengard’s portraits, some of the most notable photographers in the history of the medium. An entire generation of photographers has come of age since digital technology supplanted film...
  19. clcoyle

    SOLD: 2004 Toyota Sienna to help fund the purchase of an Expo Rig

    Now it's time to custom order my 2012 TRD Off-Road Tacoma Dbl-Cab. Thanks for all the support.
  20. clcoyle

    Non OEM replacement headlights for 2nd gen 4runner

    Anyone know of a Non OEM replacement headlights for 2nd generation 4runner? Thanks, Chris