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    First post, and my 4-door flatbed XJ

    PM sent
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    MITSUBISHI FUSO TRUCK to withdraw from US market

    ... and the R&D that EarthCruiser invested towards converting the gas FUSO drivetrain to 4x4 ....
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    2001 fuso fg 4x4 manual transmission questions

    For older Fusos, maybe try Busbee?
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    1988 sportsmobile / quigley for trade

    Is this still a fun for trade thread? Seems members are ... attacking each other, and somehow, I think THAT is against the spirt of what this site is about. This belongs in the Sandbox.
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    One couples experience with Overland Explorer

    S2DM, thank you for bringing this up: I commissioned LITE Industries to work on my Mitu Fuso ... I saw your camper pod when I was in Red Deer ... very nice ... Placeholder ...
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    Adventure Airplane w/ Motorcycle

    Thank you. I (really) hope you have the time to build more (2). ... although the pub/pvt sectors are probably just getting warmed up to the uses of your pods.
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    Adventure Airplane w/ Motorcycle

    Hello SBaircraft, Last fall I tried to contact you a couple times at MotoPOD regarding buying an XT-225 (or altering one). Is this a product / service you provide ("Let us build one for you")? If so, I am still interested.
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    Thin-Lite fluorescent to (white and red) LED conversion for less than $10

    Thanks, this is helpful. I have a couple of vintage fluorescent fixtures that I wanted to re-use ... just was not sure what LED direction I wanted to go ...
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    Composite pop up project

    Mark, I hope all is well. Glad you are getting some time to look at a lifting roof. - I vote for a chest style cooler. - A chuck box kitchen (thanks shirk) is probably most practical in smaller, and some large applications. Don't forget the the larger truck guys ;-) Although I'm aware that...
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    Swiss Army, our 1985 Saurer 6DM build.

    That is a great looking truck. Good luck with your build. ... they never seem to have vehicles for sale ... only sold vehicles in their listings ...
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    1995 Tiger CX - Chevy C2500.....Tiger #2...soon to be complete remodel & update.

    Hi wheelie, Any updates? I would like to hear about the bathroom walls, and the 1" square cabinetry. After a long(!) delay, I am just about to start work on a Dodge CXT 4x4.
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    LMTV 1078 Camper build concept

    Coach, I thought it was possible you were also on dieselbike. Really glad to hear things are better. I was also interested in a diesel Tiger re-power (Heiko?) for the same reasons you mentioned. Looking forward to more information about the KLR when you get it.
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    Diving in Head First!

    Have a great trip. We will catch up next time. Drive safe.
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    FZJ80 + 18ft Sunradrer

    This is a great project. I have a few pictures of an HJ80/Sunrader I tried to buy a couple of years ago. That one looked great ... Yours looks better and certainly more capable. Good Luck. Keep us updated.
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    1978 Chinook Newport build for flatbed Chevy

    Kool! Also looking forward to your build.
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    Bushlite Candle Lanterns - US Group Buy

    my order: 2x brass 2x kits 2x small stands 1x spare globe Thank you.
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    What's the name of G-Wagen sales/restoration shop in USA?(fairly new place)

    Yes, the red 300GD ambulance looked spectacular ... It was well priced too ... in contrast to their other Gs for sale (at that particular time).
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    Just posting some pics of my FG

    ^^ Thank you gents. I stated only fact(s). I remember when your truck was for sale on eBay. You sold it. The truck has a new owner who is now trying selling it. The truck is for sale (again) ... No? This community 'tries' to help other members in whichever way we can, directly or indirectly. I...