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    Great deals on LFP

    IMO welcome to post other more permanent sources for discussion
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    Hybrid expo 4WD - Canvas bodywork

    Range-extended electric 4WD expedition vehicle claims 4,350-mile range
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    Hybrid expo 4WD - Canvas bodywork

    Range-extended electric 4WD expedition vehicle claims 4,350-mile range
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    Brazilian modded Merc 6x6 - WANT!!
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    Kickstarter: EcoFlow R600

    Not in any way recommending personally hate crowdfunding almost as much as social media But, thought might be of interest, if nothing else to parse the specs in order to compare to the alternatives and helping others to assess value in this very scammer-ridden market niche...
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    Buying LFP cells for a powerpack

    This is a reputable seller of NOS and secondhand cells, not just LFP. I am not recommending anyone buy these, but I thought it would be a valuable learning exercise for those who might want to analyse and discuss this batch as an example...
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    "Kharkovchanka" - Colossal Soviet All-Terrain Antarctic Cruiser

    A follow up to LeTourneau's TC-497, the big one Now **this** looks like something out of Star Wars carried a kitchen with an oven, a toilet and eight beds.
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    LeTourneau's TC-497, the big one
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    Detachable tiny/nano living pod

    nice design for basis of a DIY
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    Robert Nuccio's GMC Motorhome restore / upgrade
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    Feedback from customers of Vorsheer

    The goal is to encourage both objective and opinion-subjective feedback and narratives from forum members about Vorsheer build quality, durability in the field, areas needing improvement, etc. Frank and open, horror stories welcome if they arise. Input from Davin or other Vorsheer-promoters is...
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    Custom trailer, chassis and all, from scratch

    I am a noob, please be gentle. I have lots of ideas, many I'm sure overly ambitious, aka "unrealistic", but that's all part of the learning process. Which is what this thread is for, so rather than get into my "big picture" design dreams, I'd like to focus on practical questions to start, about...
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    PR puff piece warning Crazy light, but pricing to match! But IMO cool ideas to steal for DIY. . . Mod please relocate if a different sub's a better place for this.
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    Military or other surplus for HD aluminum chassis

    I've been designing a multi-purpose trailer, capable of hauling a 12k# sailboat maybe a few times a year, converting to deck-over flatbed or bulk utility, maybe one day hauling water. Most of the time just carrying a camper pod, trying to keep total weight under maybe 4k#. Aluminum for the...
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    VW Syncro porn
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    Maps for US National Parks
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    Solar: Looking for Jinko w/ Maxim MPPT

    ​I am looking for US retail suppliers of JinkoEagle MX, or willing to ship in. Or another vendor (Trinapeak, and "ET COM"?) incorporating embedded "MPPT on each cell string" cell-optimizer ICs from Maxim. Apparently greater management of issues around partial/transient shading, eliminate...