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    Captive Spring Mounting Questions?

    So I've been looking into the black hole of subframes and mounting methods. I think theres a good chance I'll go with a captive spring system as my chassis will be extremely rigid and I don't plan on rock crawling with my rig. (Torsion free subframe is not in the budget at the moment so I'd...
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    10x11.25" One Piece Super Singles? (20")

    Think I might have finally settled on a chassis for my Camper Build. Its a Class 6 Truck and uses the standard 10x11.25" Lug Pattern. Does anyone make 20" Super Single wheels for Trucks like these? I know Accuride and Alcoa make 22.5" Super Single wheels which I was considering using, but I...
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    2004 Fuso FG 639 vs 649

    Currently considering a Fuso FG as the chassis for my build. Happened to find out a close friend of mine has a 2004 Fuso FG that he is willing to let go. Thing is, its an automatic with 5 lug wheels which would make it a 639. The sales brochure for 04 Fuso FG list the payload of the 639 as...
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    Medium Duty Truck transmission gear ratios?

    I've been shopping around for Medium Duty Trucks lately. Mostly looking at Early 2000 International 7300 and 7400s. Now my question is regarding the transmission gear ratios. Pretty much all the manual transmissions I've seen in these type of trucks have 1.00:1 as the longest gear, whether 6...
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    Aluminum Channels for FRP seams and corners?

    I was wondering where the best place was, to buy the Aluminum "channels" for the seams of a DIY camper? Hoping to find a source that sells the corner pieces, for example the edge piece for the the bottom overcab connection that has "legs" in the 3 planes.
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    Total Composites wall alternatives?

    I'm currently planning out a camper build and will obviously need some wall panels. I was wondering if there was a company or supplier that sold similar material outside of the "kit" option? Looking for solid foam with FRP/Fiberglass outer skins, was considering aluminum skins but total...
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    MRAP wheels on a RAM 5500? Mismatched track front to back?

    I've been on the fence about buying a super single setup for my RAM 5500. Found a pretty good deal on Hutchinson Aluminum wheels that come with the proper adapters for my 5500. My question is regarding the track widths. I did some quick math with numbers from the RAM sales brochure and I must be...
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    "Military" Bead vs Commercial Bead

    Quick question. I know a couple months ago someone schooled me on the differences in beads from one type of tire to the next. I couldn't find that convo when I searched so I figured someone could answer this quick. I know that commercial tires have a different type of bead than consumer tires...
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    Fuso FG "necessary" upgrades?

    So I'm planning an "expedition vehicle" build and am throwing around the idea of using a Fuso FG. I've been reading up on upgradeability and modifications for quite a while. Now I know this has certainly been discussed before but most of the threads I've seen are several years old at this point...
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    Torsion Free Subframe Explanation?

    So I'm reading up on these Torsion Free subframe concepts and I was hoping someone with a lot of knowledge could possibly elaborate for me. Basically my main question is regarding HOW the subframe moves independently from the trucks frame. Every subframe design I've seen has 2 pivoting mounts...
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    Continental MPT81 on Non-Beadlock wheels?

    Currently trying to plan out my tire setup for my near-future expedition vehicle. Theres a million different routes that I can go for tires and I was kicking around the idea of doing a dually setup. Now I know theres a lot of argument about whether or not its the best option and I'd prefer to...
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    Mounting a camper to Truck Frame or Flat Bed? (Flat bed in place of sub frame)

    I'm looking to buy a RAM 5500 to start my camper build on. I've seen a lot of threads in this sub forum that reference building a subframe for the camper to compensate for the flex of the trucks frame. If I were to mount the camper to a roll of style flat bed, would the flat bed body serve the...
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    Adding an Over Cab sleeper to a Travel Trailer?

    Throwing around some ideas for my driving camper build. I currently have a travel trailer that I really love and simply put I'd like to mount it to a truck chassis. Problem at the moment is that as it sits the camper is too long to put on a truck so I'm planning on cutting off the bedroom and...