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    First Trip in an Overland Explorer Camp X

    In 2016 I posted a thread complaining about condensation in my Hawk ( After this experience I started looking for a pop up camper with a reasonable insulation. Earthroamer and Hallmark looked interesting but when I had...
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    Interisting F 150

    I just came across an interesting Camper build on a F 150 chassis. Looks great and I wanted to share it with you: Unfortunately it is build in France. It will be shown on Abenteuer Allrad in Bad Kissingen and I...
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    New Composite Campers?

    Has anyone ever heard of these guys? Seem to be based in California, but the stuff they sell looks European to me. Stefan
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    A Hawk in the Arctic

    We drive a 2015 F-150 with a FWC Hawk and just returned from a trip to Northern British Columbia, Yukon and North West Territories. In over a month we drove 10,000 km (6,200 miles), 30% on gravel. The trip took us all the way to Inuvik and we explored a lot off side roads and tracks in the North...
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    9 Months in Southern Africa

    Having enjoyed so many tales of advanterous overland trips I would like to share with you letters we send to our friends at home during our wonderful trip through Southern Africa (South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique. We travelled in a custom build Ford Transit 4wd rv...
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    Ford AWD Camper

    A few months ago I joined this forum and discussed my project of a camper for traveling in Africa and the Americas. This project has made progress, the camper is 80% finished. It is based on a Ford Transit AWD chassis with a 140 hp 2.4l engine and a 6 speed gear box. The first gear is...