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    1993 FZJ80 (“80 series”) Land Cruiser, triple-locked

    Well gang, this sucks. I'm not just selling the LC; I'm selling part of my soul. This is the ad I posted to Craigslist but I'd prefer to see the rig go to a true 80-lover. Please read and forward if you know someone who's interested. More pics are available on the CL ad...
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    What have you done to your Land Cruiser Today?

    Weekend: new Toyota radiator, thermostat, red antifreeze, new belts and hoses. Today: switched OME heavies for OME mediums in rear. I have no extra weight to justify the heavies. So I'm now running heavy fronts and medium rears. Loving the ride. imhighlander 1993 FZJ80
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    Dayton Rope Puller.

    Those can be really handy. In my Oklahoma days we called them "come-alongs" because you can use them to persuade things ton"come along" as you ratchet the lever. I'd sure hang on to it. I don't currently have one but they can be great for moving heavy or very stuck objects. Never seen one used...
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    The Perfect Brew........!

    90 Shilling (Odell) Levity (Odell) 1554 (New Belgium) Karl Strauss Red Trolley (haven't seen it in Colorado but I devour it when I'm in Cali.) Super fancy: Chimay Red
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    Has anyone tried the Wonderbag ?

    When I clicked the link to your blog, I got this: Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
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    Trailside air: compressor or CO2 can?

    Howdy, all. As the title suggests I'm looking for suggestions/pros/cons for portable air options. I have a buddy with a CO2 can in his J33p and he likes that setup. But I've also spotted this TJM compressor over at Slee that looks pretty handy. My thoughts: the CO2 can is smaller, taking up...
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    How much do you really get out

    I do lots of day trips on local trails but seldom can shake loose for an overnight. I dream of a big trip of a month or two to drive from Colorado to northern Alaska, east to Nova Scotia, back along the US-Canada border to Vancouver, south to NorCal and back. Someday. Sent from my iPhone...
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    The Perfect End to a Very Fat Year

    I've been wanting a fatty side they came to Evergreen a few years ago but haven't pulled the trigger. I race road and just picked up my first 29er and fell in love with MTB again. Thanks for the great write up. Maybe after some projects get done on the FZJ80 I'll be ready to spend money on...
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    Expeditions 7: Two Years Around the World on all Seven Continents.

    Just spent more than the past hour catching up on this adventure. I especially appreciate the quality of the videos on the E7 site. Thanks for sharing your adventure with us. Apologies if I missed this previously but is there some place we can buy E7 decals for our aspirational rigs so we can...
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    My FZJ80 Overland Build

    +1 Nice. As for the rest of the thread, I'll pile on with compliments. Truck is looking very nice. I'm curious about snorkels, though. In the mountain west (at least up high) I don't encounter enough water crossings to worry about submerging the breather. I always figured the snorkels would...
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    Sliders, or slider steps? (vote please)

    As the title suggests, I'm trying to figure out which way to go here. I posted this to MUD but generally really appreciate the rigs here. I do some fairly aggressive trail running here in CO so high-centering a rocker on a boulder is quite possible. I removed the factory running boards after...
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    Mauka2Makai - Our Quest Begins...An 80 Series Adventure

    OP, sorry for a brief thread jack but Townsend, look up the "Rising Sun 4x4 Club" forum for more Colorado brethren. I've only been on there recently but it's a good place to connect for local trail runs, etc. Back to the story. (Great write up, OP!)
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    ExPo 80 Series Registry

    1. Year, model, color, etc: 1993 FZJ80 Green. Factory locked. 2. Name of owner/screen name: Matt McClintock / imhighlander 3. How long have you owned your 80 series? Is this your first? Bought from original owner Oct. 2012. First LC, second Toyota (first was 3rd Gen T4R, still owned at 210k...
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    Latest Photo?

    I know it's not a proper "Expedition rig" but it's what I've got. On top of Devil's Canyon near Idaho Springs, CO a few weeks ago: