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    1997 Toyota 4Runner - 5 Speed/locked/supercharged

    So then look out for people on this forum who are looking to buy at the price the seller is offering to sell at
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    WTB - Hardened (bear-resistant) all-terrain camper

    No one is saying it's a "problem" - they're pointing out that his fear is completely irrational and unfounded. If he wants to seal himself behind 10 tons of armor at night because he's afraid winnie the pooh might try to murder him, then he's free to do so. He'd likely be better spending that...
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    WTB - Hardened (bear-resistant) all-terrain camper

    Why would you need this? Are you planning on harassing or baiting bears into attacking you? If not, you have no need for a"vehicle that can withstand one or more attacks by grizzly bears".
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    SOLD - 2019 Toyota 4Runner TRD Offroad Premium For Sale - $45k

    LOVE the solar panel kit! I've never seen that type before
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    Near New Turnkey Overlander '21 Diesel Rebel

    Do you have any more pics, notably of the interior? Thanks
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    WTB: Tiger Bengal TX…Like pretty much everyone else…

    Glad to hear it! I hope it works out and you enjoy it. Everyone I've talked to who has had one certainly does. 🤙
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    WTB: Tiger Bengal TX…Like pretty much everyone else…

    There's a 2010 Bengal CX on RVTrader right now that boasts exactly 6'5'' headroom. Maybe worth looking at? Pretty slim pickings right now, especially with vehicles like Tigers. I hope you find the right one for you!
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    2018 Toyota Tacoma TRD Offroad with 1yo Four Wheel Camper

    FYI if you don't list an actual asking price this thread will get deleted or locked.
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    (SOLD) 2004 Lexus LX470 (100 Series Land Cruiser) – Expo Truck Fully Built – ~235k miles

    I remember this thing, I think it was in Austin with the previous owner. Beautiful rig!
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    2009 GMC Topkick with walk through box

    I feel like I'd end up on a few dozen alphabet agency watchlists if I bought this. Cool rig though!
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    SOLD 2013 Tiger Malayan LT 4x4 4-season expedition rig

    It's clearly badged as an F250 in the very first pic the OP posted.
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    Tiger CX motor home

    Someone who knows how to work on these is gonna get a great deal here. I'm so curious though: what exactly did it hit?