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    Roofnest Falcon Down Low...

    Clever mounting! Love the lo-profile you achieved. Very similar, IMO, to a direct bar on Alu-Cab canopy and All-cab tent w/ bracket mounting. :)
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    Counts as clothing, right? Pup Collars

    May be overkill, but I love my RDR Beast collar (and other RDR gear, for that matter). Of all the collars I've tried (and there have been many at various price points), this one takes the cake. RDR Beast Collar
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    Halley - '17 WK2 Trailhawk Overland Build

    Does this mean that the removal of the lower fascia while leaving the lower front guard exposed has decreased mileage? I suspected that might be the case and since my road/off-road is closer to 80/20 (I wish it were reversed!) I've opted to keep my lower fascia installed unless I know I'm...
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    Freespirit journey

    LOL. Good to know. No matter the project, with me they always take longer than I expected or perceive they should. :) I'll just be sure to warn the wife that the air is likely to be very blue for this exercise.
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    Freespirit journey

    Awesome. Thanks so much for the information and advise! After reading your previous post I found someone else who had gone the other direction (3500 -> 2000) and he provided pictures of the task and echo'd much of your experience. I appreciate your offer of assistance and, should I hit a...
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    Freespirit journey

    Nice! I acquired an FST trailer recently and have been going through similar investigations. If I might ask, where did you source the 2000lb springs and roughly what did they set you back? Any tips to finally getting the new ones past the forward nub? That extra 2" looks great.