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    UK camper construction is this of any interest ?
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    10A controller capacity

    Unable to find anyone on net experiencing this annoying problem with my solar set-up so thought I'd bother you guys instead of lurking here further: Been using a 40W panel which came complete with 10A controller, then added (as I happened to have) a smaller 20W panel...
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    RAW management

    Please help I need some advice, Been shooting in RAW for the day Nikon D70 (image format Large) I would now like to send a copy in a smaller JPEG format via email as a mac user how is this best achieved, This far using either iphoto or seashore I can only manage to make a smaller image but...
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    D70, best telephoto without shaking?

    As title, I just bought my self an old D70 from Nikon but need a larger lens than the 28-80mm it came with Briefly want to do some outside shots auto sport/horses and some landscape how big a lens is possible without a tripod to lug around thanks guys richard
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    Intermittent water at tap

    Hi everybody again, Whats happened here? Just been going over camper prior to this years camping season got as far as the water system, turned on a tap, the pump beside the water tank begin running, the water shoots from the tap, but instead of becoming the usual calm flow, its just spitting...
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    larger images

    I admire some of the images on here and I'm wondering just how you go from uploading standard 'post-card' size, to larger images, as you create the pictures on camera, do you set image size to a larger default than normal, but what do you do next? My I-photo software only appears to create...
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    inverter use with a kettle

    Is it possible (or even desirable) to use a kettle long-term with a small solar panel/battery set up and also, what are typically the larger drain devices people leave plugged into an inverter. cheers guys
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    Unimog E-bay (Germany though)