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    Redeth's Overland Trailer Build

    Curious how your tongue held up when off road and loaded? I bought a used trailer build and as I dug into it realized how inadequate and bent the tongue was so I straight cut it off and am beefing everything up to create a more stout spine and ribs to a tongue that should be overbuilt for my...
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    Let's Talk About DIY Trailer Builds - Axle-Less Trailer Suspension

    I get it. You are the sales marcom person. However, what is the reason there isn’t just some engineering specification guides. Build spec stuff. Your engineers would have some 101 starter documentation for new hire engineers. Show us. I found this for example on classic axle suspension...
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    Post favorite pics of your rig and trailer

    Utah. I have been following you on insta and was just doing research on trailer builds. i am in colorado. what are the specs on yours? i will be working with 1960 apache chief alumn box that is 7X4X2 and 4 compartments. i will be modifying a 14' boat trailer frame and working out details like...