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  1. gavan

    Jeep Rover 110 7 passenger vehicle (JKUR+)

    Yeah so it’s the Jeep Africa concept vehicle. New kid on the way, always loved my Heeps, and I need more room. So I bought a JK. With a slightly shortened rear. And sure, I “fixed” it. With a tree and a tow strap and it’s great. Super cheap, don’t care about beating it up, takes the...
  2. gavan

    4bt diesel CJ based pickup truck

    I know there are a lot of mixed opinions on this board about the 4BT, but I love mine! The body is from a CJ-10a flightline tug, and I made the frame from mid-cab back to the bumper. The "bed" is the non-rusty part of 2 M101 trailers welded together. The axles are from a M1008 CUCV, so...