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  1. gearguywb

    FS: Scepter fuel cans/spouts

    1. I was able to pick up several Scepter 5 gallon gas cans. These are in used, very good condition. Half are tan, the other half OD green (the green cans are now sold). All of them have good caps and seals on them. They do not have the small vent line that is internal. $80 each plus the...
  2. gearguywb

    ARB fridge, insulated cover, drop slide.

    I have a Platinum ARB fridge drop slide mount (used to be sold by Slee). In good shape: $250 ARB 47 L Fridge with ARB tie Downs and ARB cover. In very good condition. Works great. Only issue is that I can not find the 110v cord (which are available separately): $550 Located in Kansas City...
  3. gearguywb

    WTB: ARB/Viair

    Looking for either an ARB twin or Viair heavy duty on board air system. Located in the KC area. Thanks!
  4. gearguywb

    '15 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon, built

    SOLDFully loaded from the factory...hard top, nav, 4.10 axles, leather, heated seats, etc. 12,000 miles Additions (I am sure I am forgetting some): 2.5" MC lift Nitto 35's (5) Fuel 17" wheels (5) Grab bars MoMopar LED headlights LED interior lights Sliders Grunt Forge skids Poison Spyder front...
  5. gearguywb

    Tent purchase

    I have been mulling a new, family size, tent purchase for some time and its time to pull the trigger. I think I will go with the Kodiak VX 10 x 10. It looks like Competitive Edge Products has the best everyday prices on them. Anyone else that I should take a look at before ordering? I have...
  6. gearguywb

    SOLDEngle Fridge Slide

    Sold!Thought I would list this separately as the fridge and cover are now gone. I had an Engle 35 mounted on this. It may hold other fridges, depending on size. The PO had drilled a couple of extra mounting holes in it that in no way effect the serviceability of the unit. $Sold150 shipped...
  7. gearguywb

    FS: Engle MT35 fridge with transit bag and slide

    This is a used Engle 35 that I have owned for several years, but unfortunately has been sitting unused for the past couple (except for brief trips) and needs a new home. Condition: Used, with normal wear and tear. Nothing that hurts the functionality. The inside of the fridge could use a good...
  8. gearguywb

    Trash a Roo, Hi lift base and hi lift attachment

    1. Hi lift jack base, new. $40 including shipping 2. Hi lift slider adapter, new. $40 including shipping 3. Trash a Roo black trash carrier, new. $40 including shipping More to come including an Engle fridge/freezer and a slide for the fridge.
  9. gearguywb

    Overland Journals.....

    Getting ready to move and thought these might find a new home. All are used, in laying around the house condition. Not pristine by any means but fine to read and enjoy. Gear 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 Fall 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 Winter 2013, 2013 Spring 2012, 2013 Summer 2012, 2013, 2014 $125...
  10. gearguywb

    100 series LC OME shocks, diff drop, rack bars

    Trying to clean out a few things. Very open to trades!!! I am looking for a battery tray and everything needed to run dual batteries on my 100 1. OME Shocks, pair of 6000 and pair of 60002. When I purchased my 100 the previous owner gave me these. He said he was not impressed with them and...
  11. gearguywb

    WTB, KK (Kimberly Kamper)

    Since (like a knucklehead) I sold my KK (the one Romer ended up with), I am looking for another one. I know how rare they are :) If one of you guys gets tired of having that old thing taking up room in the garage, please give me a shout. :)
  12. gearguywb

    06 100 series LC, built

    Thinking about trying something different so I thought I would see if there is any interest. '06 100 series, 96k miles, 90k service has NOT been done. I am the second owner. Recently relocated from NC to KC, MO. Slee lift (heavy springs), OME T-bars and shocks, Bump it off road rear bumper with...
  13. gearguywb

    CO2 Bottle and regulator

    CO2 bottle and older industrial regulator. These came from an industrial application. I am using twin to this bottle for my personal CO2 system but I am using a different regulator. Bottle Mfg date is '07 so it may need to be recertified. 65 plus shipping for both.
  14. gearguywb

    So if you had to purchase a trailer...

    Long story (sorry :)) A year and a half ago I sold my Kimberley like a knucklehead and unfortunately the buyer forgot the "if you sell it please give me first dibs on it" part, so I find myself looking for a trailer. There are two of us and a DOG (that is in charge). Love the small expedition...
  15. gearguywb

    Ultimate Air cylinder

    Sold.....I have a never used Ultimate Air LT series 15lb CO2 bottle and mount. It has been sitting in the garage for some time. Just too large to mount it where I want in the truck so I am going to get a 10lb cylinder instead. On UA's site the 10lb cylinder sells for 139.95 and the mount for...
  16. gearguywb

    06 LC build...Manny

    So there we were...cruiserless...blasphemy! Our '04 ( Sid) found a new home about a year ago and we have been missing him ever since. Driving down the road the other day and lo and behold...a mall cruiser for a blue color that I do not remember seeing! We rescued it from this...
  17. gearguywb

    FS, 04 LC 100, built, NC

    I can't believe I am doing this but.... FS, 04 LC 100 series. I have owned it for 2 years. 65k miles. All maintenance done at the Toyota dealer. Recently had new brakes/rotors installed. Tuck is in very good shape, no tears/rips/etc on the interior. Exterior has a small ding on the lower driver...
  18. gearguywb

    Honda EU1000i Generator

    Sold Honda EU1000i Generator I purchased this in March (below is a copy of the original listing). I have used it exactly once since purchasing the generator (and it worked great), but I am liquidating several items to pay for a retirement home. Since I am selling the KK the generator will no...
  19. gearguywb

    Kimberley Kamper FS

    I just put some $ on a new condo so a couple of toys need to go (at least for a while :)) 2002 Kimberley Kamper, much like the one that Lawrence sold on the forum recently. It is in excellent condition. I have the awning, complete with all of the side walls, the ensuite potty room that...
  20. gearguywb

    Tundra and camper setup, fleabay

    Pretty cool affiliation.