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  1. Mashurst

    HF Mobile in the woods

    I just got a new Jeep commander and I am working on putting together a plan for all the antennas I will need. This will be my first vehicle with HF. This is a jeep and while it is a bit of a mall crawler model, I intend to use it like a Jeep should be used. Three kids just don’t fit in the XJ...
  2. Mashurst

    Anyone want a mounting bracket for a Yaesu ft 7900 head in an XJ?

    I am designing a mounting bracket that will affix under the two visor clips to hold the radio head just above the rear view mirror in my 98 Jeep XJ. It will include a built in mic holder slot to the right of and above the head and have holes to attach the clip basket thing from the separation...
  3. Mashurst

    Portable HF antenna

    I just picked up a TS-450SAT and I'm looking forward to using it out in the mountains. I need to work on my antenna setup next. I'm thinking something that can be tuned on 10m-80m with the 3to1 tuner in the 450, can be set up in less than maybe 15 min by one person and will have good efficiency...
  4. Mashurst

    Best grounding to protect the radio

    Background for those that may not know: Unlike most 12v things in a vehicle a radio requires particular attention to grounding such as a fuse in the ground line and a solid copper path back to the core of the vehicles charging system. The reason for this is that should the vehicles own ground...
  5. Mashurst

    Summer Weight, Long Sleeved Shirt

    I was not blessed with much in the way of skin pigment and I am finding that the summer sun is increasing uncomfortable on my skin as I age. Wearing sun screen results in feeling greasy all the time. Even with a nightly camp shower it's hard to get off and seems to attract dust and add to the...
  6. Mashurst

    HF Radios For “Expo” Use.

    A quick search revealed very little talk about HF use or equipment. I'd like to start a conversation primarily on the subject of radios. I don't have any money for an HF radio right now so I am just dreaming here. I'm not going to go right out and buy one but I do hope to buy one in the next...
  7. Mashurst

    Radio communications in Mexico

    I am planning a trip into Mexico with about 4 or 5 vehicles. Are there any good options for vehicle to vehicle comms. I am a general class amateur but I understand that we do not share a reciprocal agreement with Mexico. What about CB or FSR? Anyone with experience down there?
  8. Mashurst

    Long distance, mobile HF communications inside the US.

    Long distance, mobile HF communications inside the US. I know a lot of you guys are using VHF radios in your rigs. I’m in process of setting mine up right now but what I would really like eventually is to have an all band of some kind. There was talk in another thread about running APRS on HF...
  9. Mashurst

    Free camper

    This thing came with the property I just bought See link below It has a bunch of stuff in it that could be used for a trailer build or a camper. If you have more skills than I, you might could even get it back into usable condition. Anyway, I don't know If anyone here would be interested, but...
  10. Mashurst

    I am the man

    four retreaded tires $360.18 tire pliers and tire irons from Sierra Expeditions $266.85 12v air compressor $69.99 airsoft balls 5000 at .20 grams $11.28 Squirt bottle full of soap water $2.89 mounting and balancing my own tires with tool I can take with me on the trail... Priceless! :smiley_drive:
  11. Mashurst

    Light Weight Construction

    I'm starting the planning stage of a trailer to pull behind my 98 XJ. I don't want it to be any heavier than it needs to be. I do want it to be completely sealed from the elements. I'm leaning toward a basic box design with a non removable top and a rack to hold RTT=maybe a small gear basket...