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    Newer Palomino backpack campers

    We'd love to have an Alaskan, I just cannot justify the cost.
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    Newer Palomino backpack campers

    The SS1200 is a north South bed. Didn't matter to us at all. Once my wife is snuggled in, she never moves until sun up. I sleep on the outside, I have a CPAP machine to contend with.
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    KLR 650

    Everyone I know that has one (KLR) is an old geezer, me included. At my age (70), I don't need fast, I need quiet and reliable. I have a Triumph triple if I want to go fast. I think I might sell it. I like smelling the roses and burning a little oil too.
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    Where’s the KLR’s

    I've had a 15 forever., I ride it every chance I get. Nice bike that does everything but nothing well. I'll have it forever. Like a lawnmower on 2 wheels. Done 1000 miles trips and ot always gets home. All I can ask.
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    Harley to get into the adventure bike game

    Too heavy. Enough said.
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    Newer Palomino backpack campers

    My wife and I have a 3 year old Palomino SS1500 pop up that we haul on our F350 CC LB 4x4 diesel and we run it off road all the time. Not bouncing from rock to rock, but carefully and it's been trouble free. Nothing has loosened up, no squeaks, nothing. Only thing I'm going to do this year is...
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    2013 Palomino B1500 hi Im a new memeber.

    I have the newer version of yours. It's called an SS 1500. Palomino redesigned the back end. It has a one piece entry door now and the back wall is solid plus the manual crank up roof lift is gone. Now, it's electric push button. I suggest installing a second Fantastic Fan toward the rear...
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    Destination Unknown - a 1997 F350 build

    I have one just like yours that I bought new in 1997 (ordered mine as well, it's an XLT 4 door, 7.3, 4 wheel drive long bed). Mine never goes out in the winter as such, it has no rust anywhere. I have an ARB air locker in the front, Detroit Tru-Trak in the back, SVO built E4-OD with a huge...
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    If you get a P'up and the tent gets wet and you must close it, open it at your first opportunity and let it dry out. Pretty simple actually. I usually open mine when I get home and leave it open until it dries out.
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    The best camper dolly I've found is an older used boat trailer slightly modified with 2x4's to carry a camper. I use a single axle used Tee-Nee boat trailer under mine and the whole tings fits in my garage nicely for storage. I motor it around with my quad. You can get used boat trailers...
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    Coleman Addiction.....for pesants. ha ha ha!

    3 for me. A newer white gas lantern, a catalytic pot heater (for in my deer blind) and a Peak stove I use in the shop to heat quenching oil when I case harden tool steel. I have one of those really fancy lanterns that run on about anything but I've never used it. Still in the case upstairs in...
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    CPAP Power Questions

    Myself, I have an S8 and I carry 2 Li-Ion packs, each one is good for a night and a half and recharge from a vehicle power port or solar panel. My 'excursions' if you will are remote area hunts from a spike camp with no power, usually accessed via horseback. I've never had issue one using the...
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    Ladder for Four wheel camper Hawk

    Go to the lumber yard, get yourself some straight grained hardwood boards 1" thick and a hardwood closet rod 1" in diameter and build yourself a ladder. You'll need some Elmers glue and a table saw and mortising bit to bore the holes for the closet rod rungs and some stain to match but it's a...
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    Palomino B600 - From Mild Mannered Campground RV to Overland Capable Camper

    Why go to an ice box versus a fridge? I don't get that at all. An absorbtion fridge is lighter than an icebox (loaded with ice and food) and they are relatively fool proof and inexpensive to fix. Myself, I own a Palomino and I'd never replace the fridge with an ice box, or the propane heater...