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  1. Christian P.

    Anyone has installed a Redarc Manager30? I have a couple questions...

    So I procured this kit to install in my Ford Transit 2020 AWD I have a couple items I would like to confirm. 1) The Transit has one single AGM battery with a connection point by the driver seat. My understanding is that I can connect...
  2. Christian P.

    My old Land Cruiser is in the museum...

    I just noticed yesterday that they posted pictures of it. This is the truck we bought in Sydney circa 2006, drove in Australia, shipped to South Africa, used all over Africa for 5 years and eventually drove it to Belgium. Sold it to a friend who took it up to the Arctic Circle then sold it to...
  3. Christian P.

    Is anyone selling Thetford cassette base in the USA?

    Looking for one of these - all the Google searches are sending me to the UK
  4. Christian P.

    GPS solution for cold environment?

    Does anyone have a good solution for a GPS that I can use in cold condition? As an example, snowmobiling for 8 hours up to about -30C/-22F. Or snowboarding all day. I think I may need to have some sort of case to keep the GPS warm. I am also not sure if Lithium is the best in these...
  5. Christian P.

    Rear flat platform for a LX470 or LandCruiser 100 series.

    Convert the rear area into a flat platform with airplane tracks. It has a nice thick rubber layer on top. Come get it for $40...or a few bottles of red wine. Located in Truckee, CA. (no shipping)
  6. Christian P.

    Rivian in the Rebelle Rally

    Very interesting.
  7. Christian P.

    Expedition Portal is testing the new 700HP RAM TRX

    Initial impressions from our contributor Matt Scott:
  8. Christian P.

    Any recommendation for a good shop in Reno/Sacramento? Need timing chain replacement on FJ Cruiser

    Posting for my neighbor. 2006 (or 2007) FJ Cruiser TRD edition. Apparently he got the somehow common issue with the timing chain stretching and throwing an error code P0016 (and therefore won't pass smog). I would like to send him to a shop that has done that type of repair before. Thanks...
  9. Christian P.

    New luxury Roof Top Camper soon on the market.

    I just discovered this new camper this morning. I was blown away by both the specs and the price. Look at it, and take a moment to let it sink in... :)
  10. Christian P.

    When did mountain biking become so specialized!

    I am agonizing about which bike to buy next. Not only it's hard enough to decide between a 27.5 or a 29, now my friends are buying gravel bikes and trying to convince that's the way to go. And now there is also the electric mountain bikes I have to consider. I am not even getting into the...
  11. Christian P.

    0% financing on 2020 Tacoma

    0%/60 months on new Tacoma. I have seen it on Tundra before, but not Tacoma.
  12. Christian P.

    Ford Ambulance 7.3 $6000

    I think some of you like these ones...
  13. Christian P.

    Has the new Yamaha Tenere 700 arrived in North America yet?

    I think I see one of these in my near future to replace the KTM950 I sold a couple years ago. Seems very comparable specs, but perhaps a bit less high maintenance.
  14. Christian P.

    ARB Awning Room 2500 x 2100 - ARB4407A - Brand new in the box. BACK FOR SALE

    Brand new - does not fit my current awning. I believe it is discontinued and it will fit older ARB awning - not the current ones. $150 or best offer.
  15. Christian P.

    2000 Tiger XL Chevy Astro AWD - $21000 (Reno)
  16. Christian P.

    1999 Td5 Defender - Overland Ready - $27000usd

    I came across this on Facebook. Looks like the owner is in San Francisco and just completed a trip across Africa. Defender is located in Cairo. No relation Original Ad: Hi! I’m selling the Land Rover Defender that I used to cross Africa. Inspirational video here...
  17. Christian P.

    Nissan NVP 4wd Dealer conversion

    Has this been discussed before? Apparently you can buy a full warrantied Nissan NVP van with a Titan XD 4x4 conversion from the dealer. The videos are quite impressive, especially the comparison with the aftermarket conversion. What's the catch? No FSA...
  18. Christian P.

    Welcome to the new Mid Size section!

    Someone pointed out that we had a Full size section on the forum but nothing specifically for Mid Size. So post up here about your Canyon or Ranger, or even Dakota...