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  1. mtnbike28

    2012 Pleasure Way Traverse Pop Top Campervan Class B RV

    2012 Pleasure Way Traverse Pop Top Campervan Class B RV Not mine but I have seen it in person.
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    Vinatage Van Tent Not mine....
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    Roof Rack Help?

    I have Flippac on my Taco and run a Yakima bar and fairing full time. I also have a back bar and foot kit that can attach with a basket. As you can see there is not a lot of room when open I am looking for an off the shelve idea for a full time basket (just a flat surface) ? that would...
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    Flippac gas spring (strut) part number?

    Can anyone read their Flippac rear glass gas spring part number. The tag is clear it's a Signature Series Gas Spring from - but the part number was computer printed and faded/rubbed off. The web site appears to be a direct to manufacture company, so I am looking for a part...
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    Slee Off-Road UZJ89

    Did I miss a post about this truck? Awesome! UZJ89 from Slee Off-Road!
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    FlipPac screw repair question

    Flip Pac repair question. One of the "footman" loops that holds the support rod on the lid has a loose screw. yes I re-tightened it. I am concerned about water intrusion since this is on the top. I assume the construction is fiberglass lamented over a thin piece of wood. (looks like a stainless...
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    Any surfers? I need advice

    I am looking for a used surfboard just to play around on.... For sale - Longboard surfboard 7'8" New condition bic hard plastic finish - $150 I want something my 14yo daughter (110 pounds?) can ride the small stuff - she did a surf lesson and they were on a big soft top and she popped right up...
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    Is it true? 2017 Jeep Scrambler? Posted on several blogs?
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    Panasonic Lumix GX1 questions?

    I am looking at a Panasonic Lumix GX1 micro four thirds camera, I am wondering if anyone had used one and compared to say a Nikon D7000. Will I be disappointed with images compared to the dSLR? Chazz? Since I can not PM you, I hope you respond!
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    ARB 1250 side walls?

    Has anyone tried to use 1 or 2 panels for the larger awnings on a 1250? Any reason that would not work?
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    There is nothing to do on the East Coast report....

    Being a teacher at a community college, I get a good amount of time off, but no control when it is, in fact I don't earn vacation time. So when the school calendar was released (I teach in the summer too) I saw I had a week off and invited several friends from all over the east coast to join us...
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    Drone photography?

    Really thinking I want to start into Drones and photography. What is the easiest to fly? Must be durable. Really thinking GoPro sized cameras, not my dSLRs. Any great resources to start reading?
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    A Land Cruiser, a dog, and a photographer
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    Photographer threatened and "held" in a scene out of Top Gear MCDOWELL COUNTY (WVVA) - Phone calls, emails and Facebook messages were sent to us here, at WVVA by parents concerned for their children's safety. People reported...
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    Sony a6000?

    Did someone post a question about this camera as a second camera to their Nikon D800? I responded about why not a D7100 if you planned to use Nikon glass on the a6000 - now that post is deleted?
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    Suzuki Samurai camper build?

    Did the OP of the guy who built a custom lifting roof and the heater on the side window delete his thread? Does anyone remember it? I saw it over the weekend, it looks great, the side heater looks much better in person than it appeared in pictures. The roof top looks professional! Overall an...
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    2014 My Year in Review We had another great year!
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    1994 FZJ80 with magic dial in NC Not mine/ never seen it by wheel choice, not off-roaded...
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    2002 Tacoma DC TRD FS in NC not mine/ never seen it/ etc.
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    Diesel and Santana in North Carolina Diesel Series III Santana, left hand drive 5 speed 4x4, 20+ mpg's, very good condition with 174,000 km = 107,000 miles (original) Car starts and runs great, has power steering, leaf springs and is very comfortable to drive. Car was resprayed to...