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  1. mtnbike28

    Sold: 2002 FlipPac with rain fly. Newly Added Bonus: FP Ramblings from a Long-Time Owner. Must read!

    It's funny you mentioned buying a truck to fit the FP, I would not buy a 3rd gen Tacoma until I made sure my FlipPac would fit.
  2. mtnbike28

    SOLD!!! Scepter 5 gallons military fuel/gas can. $110 each

    Are you will to ship? North Carolina? Curious to know ballpark shipping....
  3. mtnbike28

    A GoPro Thread

    My luck with GoPro is the opposite. I bought a Hero7 Silver for my summer trip, everytime I go to format the card or delete images, it locks up and I have to leave it on until teh battery completly dies before recharging and then try to format again. Very frustrating. This video - - of the...
  4. mtnbike28

    Narrow(est) awning?

    I have the ARB 4 foot-ish one off the back, any narrower and I would consider it worthless, even this doesn't get used much for shade, more for cooking in rain and my tailgate still gets wet
  5. mtnbike28

    The Status of Overlanding Today

    I said no. It has changed a ton since I first started, my Tacoma was teh only one in town with an ARB in 2005, now I think everyone has a front bumper. But at the same time, I see more and more people camping in the woods than ever before, I have several spots that I could roll up to and have a...
  6. mtnbike28

    Artistic Shots- Well thought out, framed (positioned), artistic shots only please.
  7. mtnbike28

    How Do You Store Your Garbage?

    I use a bag hanging and stored in my Trasharoo, then at night I double bag it and place in the cab to keep animals away. I would think something like this - - would be perfect, bag inside, and screw top should keep odors at bay
  8. mtnbike28

    Looking for a side window for my flippac

    Do you mind saying how much?
  9. mtnbike28

    FWC for full time living on road?

    Nice find! Enjoy the trip!
  10. mtnbike28

    Looking for a side window for my flippac

    Subscribed... AT sold them when they carried Flippacs, but were over $400 each
  11. mtnbike28

    WTB: Wilco Hitchgate

    One on Facebook group NC Overland -
  12. mtnbike28


    I carry a cassette toilet 24/7/365 - I use it nearly weekly, even at mountain trailheads... no facility not cool to even go in the start of teh woods and big a hole... this is too easy not to.
  13. mtnbike28

    Value of Flippac lid + tent?

    What shape is the tent in? Did FRP make more than one size lid?
  14. mtnbike28

    Non-Vehicle Specific Auxiliary Tanks/Fuel Cells

    I am interested in what you learn too... I have my spare on a 2016 Tacoma on a swing out and would love to add a transfer tank in that space
  15. mtnbike28

    Camper and Truck Photos

    Playing this weekend and cleaned up after.
  16. mtnbike28

    *SOLD* Flippac (fits in 6ft bed)

    Don't do it, you will regret it! But that is a very nice living space build out.
  17. mtnbike28

    FP bed support pin

    That is all I did, sheet metal screws into the lip there. My 1st gen Tacoma must be stronger metal, I had no flex, the 3rd gen Tacoma I get flex and put a magnet on the outside to protect the paint when deployed.
  18. mtnbike28

    Can I waterproof my RTT?

    Solar Guard by Nikwax - UV protection and waterproofed my flippac!
  19. mtnbike28

    Dirt Sunrise: Tim and Kelsey get lost...

    I loved the dog walking along with the band.... such a Life magazine moment!
  20. mtnbike28

    Flippac repair help!

    I am not sure what the corner issue is, I agree looks damaged, but more like is spread out over time. Opening with no torsion bar should not be an issue, several owners have done t bar delete. I replaced mine with one from Sway - A - Way welcome to the FP club