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  1. brad2274

    Pajero 2.8 Turbo Diesel with 5speed conversion kit

    Hey guys posted this in the facebook group last week, lowered the price need this gone quick. Please dont ask if i'll ship it, it will need modified pallets and 2 of them. Engine is 400-600lbs and the transmission is like 250-300lbs. But i have access to a hoist to load into your vehicle. Me and...
  2. brad2274

    Delica IACV (4G64 guys needed)

    I've been helping my buddy with his Delica starwagon (auto, 4G64 16v SOHC, longitudinal), It has a bouncing idle and we've changed quite a few things, checked for leaks, etc. Pulled the IACV, tried cleaning it (was pretty gross), still no good. So he wants to replace it, but cant seem to find...
  3. brad2274

    Dino hunting 1995 LS build

    Long time lurker in central FL here, would like to document my build better since its ramping up this year 1995 LS i bought a few years ago with 160k, now at about 220k Exterior: Garvin Expedition rack for land rover discovery, brackets modified. Hella halogen roof lights, double relay wired...
  4. brad2274

    Mitsubishi Montero / Pajero Transfer case lever with white ball

    gen 2 shifters in good shape, just dirty, one has additional plate but is not needed, both are the same lever. 40 each obo
  5. brad2274

    Junkyard requests?

    Are there any odd gen 2/2.5 parts you guys are in need of? I'm on the search for a local locking diff(im in central FL btw), SR flares (local) and drivers windshield trim piece. But i'm always grabbing other parts i don't need and passing up on others. Things i grab commonly that i've needed on...
  6. brad2274

    (UPDATED)Gen 2 Cruise control issues again

    So when i got my 95 LS the cruise worked fine, then it went out like 4 months later, light came on but wouldnt engage. Then i replaced the motor and actuator assembly with one from a pick n pull, cruise then worked perfect again. Went out again maybe 3-5 months later. So last weekend i found a...
  7. brad2274

    Any idea what this is?

    1995 montero LS 3.0 near the passenger firewall, two things unplugged and some wire to the orange sensor is clipped DSC_1497 by Braddock Mcdonald, on Flickr
  8. brad2274

    (fixed) help no oil pressure, just did spark plugs and valve cover gaskets

    Just finished up cleaning valve lash adjusters, changing valve cover gaskets, and doing spark plugs and plug wires, started and it runs good but i have 0 oil pressure on the inside gauge. it worked before and showed pressure. gaskets were leaking before so thats why i changed them. torqued...
  9. brad2274

    Alternator upgrade thoughts?

    So ive got a 95 ls and i plan on road tripping it a lot and doing some site camping out of it along with some trails, i plan on adding like 4 lights to my garvin rack and maybe 2 on a bumper, along with a winch. I also plan to run a lot of tech inside, tablet and gps off the outlets and probably...
  10. brad2274

    WTB ARB or similar bumper

    Need a winch bumper like an arb for my 1995 mitsubishi montero, hoping to find something similar that i can modify to fit. trying to avoid buying one new for 1000$
  11. brad2274

    (fixed)Help! Key tip broke off in ignition! no spare

    the last like half inch of key broke off, didnt even notice it happen. im guessing its in the ignition. key fits in fine but wont turn. i have no spare key, also its parked in front of my dorm lobby so i got a few hours maybe before theyd tow. Suggestions? im hoping i can hot wire it but idk...
  12. brad2274

    Winch bumper options?

    So im in the market for a winch bumper for my 95 LS, ive been searching on here for a few months now on it and (besides ARB bolt on bumpers) learned that some jeep bumpers and fj cruiser bumpers can be modified to fit without much trouble. Ideally id like an ARB bumper as i like the look and...
  13. brad2274

    Replacement body mounts?

    so ive known my body mounts in the front since i got the truck a few weeks ago, but alignment shop said the same plus one of the bolts is bent. tried pulling front mounts out of a 96 ls (i have a 95ls) in a upullpay but couldnt get them out after removing nuts and much wedging. they had a few...
  14. brad2274

    What to replace in suspension?

    So i finally got the locked lugs of and looked and the corner with the tire that had negative camber wear and kinda looks crooked Passenger tire also has inner wear but not visibly crooked The driver fender has been replaced so I'm wondering if the arm is bent? I'm hoping its not the from or...
  15. brad2274

    Montero sport control arm on Montero?

    Its lookin like I need an upper control arm for my 1995 Montero, there's plenty of Montero sports nearby and the control arms look identical in pictures. Any idea if they fit? Detached and couldn't find anything
  16. brad2274

    1996 Montero , new to the game, advice?

    Been lurking on the forums for a bit, was originally going to get a square body suburban but changed my mind and picked up a 1996 montero ls. 165k miles, 4x4, It's a little rough but i only paid 1200 for it and the ac is ice cold so im happy. Things of concern: -Valve ticking noise, seems to be...