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  1. czukie

    WTT: Treehouse for FWC + cash

    Looking to trade my treehouse for a FWC and cash. Let me know if you’re looking to downsize and get some cash!
  2. czukie

    Alternative to Dometic Freezers

    Hey all, anyone have a cheaper alternative to Dometic that they can recommend?
  3. czukie

    Interior Camper build

    Anyone know of any good threads or sites with good images and ideas for camper designs? Particularly how people have built out there Vagabond, AT Summit, Treehouse, OVRLND, GFC campers?
  4. czukie

    WTB: Mid-Size Short bed FWC (Finch, Swift, etc)

    Looking for a Finch, Swift, or other FWC that is meant for a short bed mid-size. Preferably looking for a shell, needs to be under $10K! Thanks!
  5. czukie

    GFC #667 For sale

    Posted earlier with some misleading information, thus I am reposting with accurate info. I have for sale my GFC camper PAID IN FULL expected to be ready for pick up around May. Camper options are set as follows: Black Panels Orange Space frame Front and rear windows 3rd gen Tacoma with 6' bed...
  6. czukie

    Aliner Trailers

    Has anyone had experience with the Aliner Offroad Trailers before? I know they are clearly not meant for overlanding, however, they look like a decent option for FS roads.
  7. czukie


    Anyone have any experience with the Leentu UTE camper? Looks like a pretty rad little concept, but very little marketing/info about them out there.
  8. czukie

    WTT: FWC for GFC or Vagabond

    Hey all, I have an Eagle Shell that I would like to trade for a GFC or Vagabond drifter. If anyone is interested in this please shoot me a DM for more details. I am looking to downsize as this camper is on my daily driver.
  9. czukie

    2006 FWC Eagle
  10. czukie

    2006 FWC Eagle Shell

    Selling my Mid-2006 FWC Eagle. Lived much of it's life inside as the previous owner used it only handful of times during it's first 10 years. Bought it as a shell, but have slowly been building it out. I have shelves and a rollover style couch so far. Dry weigh is under 600 lbs. Lighter and...
  11. czukie

    2016 TRD Sport with FWC Eagle

    Looking to sell my beloved 2016 Tacoma TRD Sport with a 2006 Eagle. The truck has 71K miles on it (90% highway) and is my daily driver so miles. Gets around 17 mpg with camper and about 22 mpg without. Has the following upgrades in order to accommodate camper, as it is on full time as well...
  12. czukie

    WTT: FWC Eagle for Vagabond or GFC

    Hey all, I have a 2006 FWC Eagle shell that has been kept in a garage until this past year (read: is essentially brand new). Due to some unforeseen circumstances I have not been able to fully utilize this amazing camper and would like to downsize to a camper that is more feasible to keep on...
  13. czukie

    FWC Eagle
  14. czukie

    2016 Tacoma Topper
  15. czukie

    GFC vs. Vagabond

    Hey all, interested to see what ya'll think about the new Vagabond outfitters recently announced, compared to GFC. Neither are in production but have plenty of information out there. Interested in seeing others opinions.
  16. czukie

    FWC Shell or Habitat

    Hey overlanders! I need your pros and cons list to help me decide between a FWC Shell or a AT Habitat. Either one will be mounted on a stock 3rd gen Tacoma TRD Sport. My list is below with more important factors for me in italics Habitat Pros: -Weight -Year round efficiency (i.e. no storage...
  17. czukie

    Question for Scamp owners

    Hey there, I have an opportunity to buy a scamp relatively cheap, my question is, how much goes into maintenance each year and how much effort would go into raising it to make clearance less of an issue? Thanks!
  18. czukie

    Retrofitting a wildernest

    Hey there, Has anyone retrofitted a camper/topper (specifically a wildernest) from a 1st gen tacoma to a 3rd gen tacoma? I know there is a link/information about 2nd gen toppers on 3rd gen but I was wondering about 1st to 3rd....any link or information would be helpful! Thanks!
  19. czukie

    FWC Aluminum Frame

    When did Four Wheel Campers start making aluminum frames?
  20. czukie

    Advice: Fabricator or....?

    Hello all, So I would like to turn the Leer 180 topper on my truck into a pop top camper. Essentially what I am looking for is standing room (around 6') from the bed of the truck to the top of the "roof", that is the goal. Something like a flippac meets westfalia top. Wilderness made this...